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The Day and the Life of a

No description

Lara Schuler

on 20 September 2017

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Transcript of The Day and the Life of a

Learn What They Do Every Day
Explore What is Possible For Them
Assist Them in Achieving Their Goals
St. Paul Middle School Facts
Chromebook Policies and Procedures
Mr. Werth
Used in Every Class except PE
Individual and Group Work
Prepares Students for Expectations of High School
142 Students
45- 6th Grade
60- 7th Grade
37- 8th Grade
Two Homerooms of Each Grade
Departmentalized for Each Subject

Aug. 25, 2016
Contact Teacher
with questions and concerns through email or schedule a conference. The student should be present for the conference to learn good conflict resolution skills.
Lara Schuler: schulerl@stpaulcatholic.net
St. Paul Middle School Student
The Day and the Life of a
Parent Curriculum Night 2016-2017
1:1 Chromebook Program
Grades will be entered weekly by teachers.
All work will be assessed either by the teacher or by the student as a class grades work together.
Teachers will decided which grades are entered into PowerSchool based on skills being taught and assessed.
Students will not grade other students work.
Most work will be graded so students have feedback on what they have completed and so they have an idea of where they are succeeding and where they need to practice a bit harder.
Students should assume that all work will be for a grade.
Participation and completion grades only will not be put into PowerSchool as independent grades.
These grades may make up a category in a rubric, but will not be stand alone grades.
Uniform Heads Up

Skirt Length for many middle school girls is too short. Please refer to the handbook. Skirt length at this point in the year need to be closer to the knee to allow for growth through out the year. Infractions will be given starting next week for skirts that are too short.

Socks Must Show

Late Work Policy- pg. 14
Contact Info
Blair Hodge: hodgeb@stpaulcatholic.net
Please find your child's schedule and follow it the rest of the evening. Classes will change when you hear the music over the intercom.
Schedules on Table

Come enjoy dinner with the family, let the kids enjoy a movie and snack, meet our new SAC Committee, hear about our upcoming events.
Subject Areas and Teachers

Assistant Principal- Blair Hodge
Scheduling, MS Discipline, Knights, and Elective

Science: 6,7,8 Mrs. Forrester;
Robotics Elective: Mrs. Forrester, UWF
3D Fabrication and Design: Mr. Oswald, UWF

Math: ALL, Mrs. Huppert

Social Studies: 6,7,8 Mr. Oswald
Debate/Speech Elective .- Mr. Seely

English/ Writing: 6, Mrs. St. Amant; 7, Mr. Seely; 8, Mrs. Stersic, Mrs. Fink
St. Paul News Journal Elective- Mrs. Griffin
Yearbook/News Journal Elective- Mrs. Griffin

Literature 6, St. Amant; 7, Mr. Seely; 8, Mrs. Fink and Mrs. Stersic

Art Electives:
Ceramics, General Art- Mrs. Fink
Theater Set Design- Mrs. Fox

Music Electives:
Band- Mr. Werth
General Music- Mr. Werth, Mr. Brown
Choir- Mr. Brown
Musical Theater- Mr. Seely

PE: Mr. Lamberti, Mrs. Lane as Instructional Assistant

Advanced Spanish: 6, 7, 8 Mrs. Harbour

Middle School Instructional Assistant- Mrs. Paige Hering

Integrated in all subject areas;
specialty workshops when needed

Chromebook cases for sale for $25.00
School Phone #: 850-436-6435
Look for Signs outside of Door for the right class.
PTO/ Back to School Dinner
CYSL Jamboree
Aug. 27, 2016
See Newsletter for additional details
Middle School
Knighting Ceremony
September 29, 2016
7:00 p.m.
All Knights Need to Attend
Opening Prayer

Refer to teacher's Haiku page for project information, classroom policies, information specific to the subject. They will be adding more content as the year gets started.
Changes for Better Cleanliness and Health

Please remind students to not share food at lunch.
Vending Machines available after 3:00 p.m.
Juice, flavored water in lunchroom only. Bottled water in classrooms.
Be sure office knows of all health concerns
Angela Duckworth- Grit
Fr. Paul Moody
a. 1 day late = drops one letter grade ie., a perfect grade of 100% drops to an 89%
b. 2 days late = drops by two letter grades; ie., a perfect grade of a 100% drops to a 79%
c. 3 days late = drops by three letter grades; ie., a perfect grade of a 100% drops to a 69%
d. 4 days late = drops by four letter grades; ie., a perfect grade of a 100% drops to a 59%
e. 5 days late = 0

This policy will be enforced this year to help our children learn how to meet deadlines. It is an important skill to learn to be successful in high school, college, and the workforce. Sometimes we can't meet deadlines and have to take the consequence, at least these consequences do not cause complete failure in a class unless the behavior is repetitive.

Grading Procedures

NJHS Parent/Student Meeting will be held in September to discuss what is needed to be selected for NJHS.

8th Grade Trip/Graduation Meeting will be held sometime in November to discuss the class trip and the events for Graduation.
Upcoming Meetings
Empowering our students to develop intrinsic motivation to continuous improvement in mind, body, and spirit.
Carol Dweck- Pioneer of the Growth Mindset Philosophy- Please watch Ted Talk-
The Power of Yet
- Can be found in Elementary Night Presentation
Progressive Late Work and Discipline Policy that allows for self-correction and flexibility but does not hinder the educational process for others.
Fair, but firm, consequences when students choose to ignore responsibilities
Positive Reinforcement for their achievements, especially when the effort and the motivation have yielded success. Avoid empty accolades or praise for intelligence alone.
Rewarding Grit
Growth Mindset Theory
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