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global restaurant

dumpling steaming hot

Yuting Duan

on 23 February 2012

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Transcript of global restaurant

Steaming HOT Dumpling Chinese style

Fresh & Pleasant
Target & Location TARGET LOCATIONS Young people(4-35): children ; students ; office staff
Who love chinese food School zone
Near the office building
Shopping centre
Near airport & train station
Our Style We use recyclable paper as the material for our packaging
The papaer is made into a box with rectangular shape.
Each menu has a special packaging with different colors and graphic patterns
Our LOGO will be skillfully integrated into the graphic patterns
PACKAGING Dragon motifs
(red and yellow) Traditional menu
Yin Yang symbol
(Chinese ink and water colors) Healthy menu

Blue and white porcelain motifs
Special menu
Vegetarian menu
Panda plays
with the bamboos Kid menu Media
(TV,radio,poster,newspaper, facebook, twitter)
Lucky Card
Student Card
Discount on our website
Personal Communication(E-mail,text message)
PROMOTION Differentiation:
Chinese style and Chinese traditional food
Using famous movie star Jacky Chen as spokesman
TV, radio, poster, newspaper, Internet
4 steamed & 4 fried
Orange juice
(e.g., Chinese zodiac) Dumplings(shrimp, egg & chive)
6 steamed & 6 boiled
Mushroom soup
Chinese salad Dumplings(beef & celery)
6 boiled & 6 steamed
Tofu soup
Chinese salad Dumplings(porc&cabbicage):
4 fried & 4 steamed & 4 boiled
Dumpling soup
Chinese salad
Bamboo motifs
with green color
6 boiled & 6 steamed
Tofu soup
Chinese salad Slogan:
Tasty & healthy
Product Orientation:
Chinese fast food

Price: 6.8€ Price: 7.5€ Price: 7.5€ Price: 6.5€ Price: 6.99€ Seasonal menu seasonal ingredient
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