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Brighton Beach Memoirs

No description

Erin Donnelly

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Brighton Beach Memoirs

Marvin Neil Simon
(1927) age 85 "Everyone thinks they can write a play; you just write down what happened to you. But the art of it is drawing from all the moments of your life." -Neil Simon Eugene Morris Jerome
(1922- 1937) "How am I going to become a writer if I don't know how to suffer?"
-Eugene Jerome Young Neil Simon -born on July 4 in the Bronx, NY
-Jewish, working class family
-had one brother, Danny Simon
-attended NYU and the University of Denver The Character Eugene -born in Brighton Beach, NY
-Jewish, working class family
-has one brother Stanley
-is to attend college to pursue dream of becoming a writer Family Life -less than ideal
-father was unreliable, so mother worked to support family but had to rely on others
-Danny, older brother, inspired him to write Family Life -less than ideal
-mother, Kate Jerome, hard working and independent
-father, Jack Jerome, hard working and independent
-Stanley, older brother
-Aunt Blanche, husband Uncle Dave died and now she lives with Jeromes After Brighton Beach Memoirs -finished the autobiograpical trilogy with two more plays
-continually created plays that humorously captured the problems of Americans
- all of his characters are people we know; relateable After Brighton Beach Memoirs -off to college to become a writer and star in the next two plays of the trilogy Author Bio and Plot Summary Time Period: the 1930s Analysis Literary Movement Pop Culture Brighton Beach Memoirs was composed and published in 1984, but the play is set in 1937, Brighton Beach, NY
-Pre WWII era
-Great Depression
-racial prejudice Pre WWII Era The Great Depression Racial Prejudice -World War II (1939-1945)
-Americans feelings on war
-America's Jewish community
-the American army -blow to American economy and morale
-unemployment (Jack Jerome and Stanley)
-hard family life -continuation within society
-"separate but equal"
-Andrew, assistant at Mr. Stroheim's Hats Tone (not all in dialogue)
-humorous, comedic, naive
-general uneasiness

-the book of memoirs
-the French woman's picture
-the radio

-coming-of-age story
-importance of family
-quest for individuality

-Neil Simon's reflection on life
-"Love letter to his past..." Baseball in the 1930s -referred to as "The Golden Age of Baseball"
-during the Great Depression, baseball acted an escape
-best players became inspiration to the suffering (heroes)
-greatest names in baseball emerge Postmodernism (1945-present) Dramas are not usually influenced by the Postmodernism literary trend
Fitting Postmodernism Characteristics:
-serious themes addressed, but in an absurd and comedic way
-logical order
-narrator on a quest of self discovery (maturing)
-interrupted text (memoirs)
-World War II the Life of Eugene parallels that of Neil Simon
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