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Should parenting classes be required?

No description

nancy pineda

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Should parenting classes be required?

Teenage parenting classes
Are mainly against parenting classes because they think that it will encourage teenage pregnancies, instead of decreasing it.
Exposing young adults amongst the natural cycle of pregnancy will cause teenagers to be more curious and cause them to do something they’ll regret later on
Another reason to not support required parenting classes are because they think these classes should only be offered for women since they're the ones getting pregnant
It'll be a waste of time and education for guys since they believe that they don't have to learn anything
Counter Argument
Many are against because they claim it is"too" much responsibility and it's time consuming
Parents and teens think it will add more weight on a teenager's shoulders' if they have to take another required class
Counter Argument
"Classes will encourage teenagers to be more responsible and get them more ready for a college"
Having “too” much responsibility won’t be disastrous for a high school student because that’s what high school is all about - challenging students and getting them ready for a higher education such as college or if they're not attending college it'll get them ready for future jobs that they have to be responsible in
“Teaching children parenting skills is not the same as encouraging teenage pregnancy,"
- Ian Josephs
Teenage males usually abandon their children and leave all the responsibility for the females
Male teenage parents are not likely to be constant support for their children
20% of fathers are ordered to pay child support
Teenage mothers themselves have very little support from either an adult or fathers' of their children and are usually by themselves taking care of their child
Requiring teenage parenting classes will give a great deal of benefits
There is negatives, but the positives overcome the negatives
Overall, it does not compare to more graduation rates, less abortion, and a decrease in poverty within teenage mothers
Teenage parents will learn the right way to parent their child if they do have a child since they display poor responses to their children's needs, show little or no interest in child play engagement, less likely to watch over them, and more prone to favor inappropriate uses like physical forms of punishment
“Teenage mothers who have not attended parenting classes have been found to demonstrate more dependency, greater isolation, less interest in activities, more stress raising their children, and more unrealistic expectations of their children”
Babies and children of teenage mothers are more likely to be born prematurely at a low birth weight, which raises the probabilities of infant death, blindness, mental retardation, and mental illness
Other reasons
Counter Argument
In my opinion, the reason why teenagers actually get pregnant and get involved in sexual activities are because they're not as exposed to it as they should be
In Nottingham, UK these parenting classes are required and in their most recent figures they claim that "it dropped 75.4 per 1,000 females aged 15-17 in just the first quarter"
"They are very promising and have been making progress"
Nancy Pineda
English IV
50% of teens don't know that being sexually active and getting pregnant would affect their everyday lives
Teenage pregnancies are the leading cause of high school drop outs for teenage girls
40% of teenage moms report living in poverty at age 27
Teenage mothers are less likely to qualify for a high-paying job since only two-thirds of teen moms have a high school diploma
20-30% of males marry the mother of their child
50% of teenage mothers rely on welfare
Why should parenting classes be required?
What are some statistics?
How does this affect society?
Has there been any positive or negative results from this?
Why is it important?
Works Cited
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Issues, The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, 1 April 2014.
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Coordination Committee.
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