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Anna Kiss

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Psycho-cybernetics

-the original science of self-improvement

Maxwell Maltz (1889-1975)
American plastic surgeon
Author of Psycho-cybernetics (1960, bestseller, pocket book edition->1969)
Self-image development
Maltz views: a person must have an accurate and positive view of him- or herself before setting goals; otherwise he or she will get stuck in a continuing pattern of limiting beliefs
His ideas focus on
visualizing one's goals
and he believes that self-image is the cornerstone of all the changes that take place in a person
Your brain as a self-image guided missile
Automatic Success/Failure Mechanism
Your brain acts as a
guidance system
toward thing that you focus your attention on--->
The automatic success or automatic failure mechanism is like a torpedo attracted to it's destination
The guidance portion of the torpedo is
dictated through your self-image

Problem vs. Solution Focus
People are motivated either by pain or by pleasure, aversion or desire.
We either focus on the pain of what we are trying to get away from, or on the pleasure of what we are trying to get to.
People tend to become fixated on problem focus when they are distressed
When we focus on negative images we tend to feel weaker and more distressed--->prevents us from taking action to resolve the situation
Self image=Goal image
Your self-image provides your brain with
If it is based on the past
or what you are trying to get away from
You are feeding Yourself a viciously circular programme
Self image: provides the co-ordinates for your unconscious servo-mechanism (-->the part of your mind that pursues targeted goals)
Watercolour of Psycho-cybernetics by Salvador Dali
Self image=Goal image ( the image of your desired future self)
Key practical points
Understand the
basic psychology of mental imagery
You get what you put in: don't be a dabbler.
Put your heart into
what you picture and focus.
Work on your self-image
as often as you can
greatly enhances
(words build pictures).
Discuss your image with others, mentally describe it as you meditate on the details.
Everyone can do it
. The worry is negative mental rehearsal. If you can worry, you can goal visualize.
Turn the problem-focus into solution-focus. The negative into positive.
Building belief in your goal
"Just suppose..."
Define what you want to happen
"It's possible this could happen..."
Remind yourself that it is possible
"Picture goal as happening right now..."
Picture it over and over again, strengthening it and adding more detail.
Thank you for your attention! :)
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