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on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of f

Participation Ratio for each zone in KSA water production
Production capacity of desalinized to wells water in KSA based on Zones
Zonal Water production of KSA per day
Comparison between water demand and water supply in KSA
Graphical representation of water demand in KSA (m3/year)
Current desalinated to wells water ratio in KSA-demand

According to Central Department of Statistics and Information – Ministry of Economic and Planning – KSA.
Daily Water Production in KSA, Total = 6,413,321 m3
Date: 10.3.2012
Who can participate for solution, or at least minimize the problem?

- demand management. (Government responsibility)
- Awareness raising . (users themselves)
- Alternative non-traditional water resources.(Cloud Seeding)
- Desalination plants using renewable energy sources
Who & How?
Percentage distribution of population based on zones
Graphical representation of Water supply in KSA (m3/year)
By 2025 more than 3 billion people could be living in water-stressed countries
and 14 countries will slip from water stress to water scarcity
‘‘When the well is dry, we know the worth of water” (Benjamin Franklin).
All human activities “LIFE” based on Water
Industrial activities
Commercial activities
Why ?
Saudi Arabia Confronts with Water Scarcity: An Insight

Saud A. Gutub, Mohamed F. Soliman, Asif uz zaman
Civil Engineering Department, King Abdul Aziz University, Rabigh Branch
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, KSA

جامعة الملك عبدالعزيز

What is the problem?
Water in Saudi Arabia
Thanks For Your Attention
- Current unsustainable practices like the groundwater drawdown, heavy reliance on high-energy solutions to solve the water problems, and depriving in-stream flows camouflage the true magnitude of future problems.

- A new set of patterns required for water science and planning that will not only cope with the interconnectivities, feedbacks, and tradeoffs in critical urban resource systems but also deals with the uncertainties of climate change.

- The water desalination based on non renewable source of energy should be considered as an imperative measure for water security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

- The full dependency on one particular technology may paralyse the continuous functioning in the near future. So it is looked to explore beyond the available options and resort for better ways and options for improvement in the practice so that the coming generations may get benefitted out of it without experiencing the full exhaustion of the supply.
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