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Copy of Module 6 Project: Air Pollution

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john mclane

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Module 6 Project: Air Pollution

Air Pollution
Module 6 Project

Air Pollution
Air pollution occurs when the air contains gases, dust, fumes in harmful amounts. That is, amounts which could be harmful to the health or comfort of humans and animals or which could cause damage to plants and materials.
The Connections

All three externalities, switching to electric cars, switching to hydro or solar power, and planting trees all consist of costly manners. Materials that need to be made aren't cheap, nor is the expense of paying the laborers who pursue these ideas.

Each one of these solutions cost a great amount of time, in coming up with the ideas, creating a plan, and then pursuing them. The pursuing is the biggest time consumer of planting trees, because if machines aren't used to help, laborers have to do this by hand. The planning is the biggest time consumer of the renewable resources, and switching to electric cars, because many details have to be looked at, especially by higher intelligent persons.

Not one of these solutions aren't labor hungry, you need people with enough intelligence that would be able to switch our country to renewable sources of energy, as well as, switch our cars from gas operated to electric operated, and they also have to have intelligent environmentalists to be on board when coming to the planting of trees.
Planting more trees provides fresh oxygen to the Earth, which we have a limited amount left of. With over 2 million trees being cut each day, by planting one for evey on cut down, it would allow for a stable number of trees giving out clean oxygen. Doing "yard work", like planting trees requires much labor and time. Unless volunteers want to help with such a project, buying trees and planting them is expensive enough, but the laborers also need to be paid. With the ozone layer depleting at an inclining rate, time needs to be allowed for the trees to grow, as well as, care needs to be given to them. Overall, if we had enough trees to replace the cut down trees, we would have fresh oxygen that would replace the rotten air that is ruing our ozone layer around the Earth.

Jessica Relyea
Economics Honors 1
06.05 Module 6 Project

Criteria: What is the Issue?
Air pollution is a very serious issue that has been around as long as the industry has. Many people deal with health problems that come about from air pollution, majority of it is respiratory problems. The percentage of air pollution will keep increasing, until individuals come together to fix this problem, by turning to more renewable resources.
How is this Issue Connected to Poverty?
Electrics cars eliminates the harmful fumes put into the air by gas operated vehicles. Although it is costly and takes many years to switch from gas operated vehicles to electric powered vehicles, it's worth it in the long run. Although electrics cars are expensive to pursue, and most still need gas tanks, the little amount of gas they would use to get to the nearest electric refueling station, wouldn[t have the same amount of pollutants a typical car would. By switching to electric cars, either ran from water or solar energy, we allow the environment to recuperate from the damage that is already been done.

Hydro and solar power eliminates the harmful fumes put into the air by coal and oil, and instead uses renewable resources like water and energy from the sun. By using sources like these, this allows us to quit burning more coal after coal, while we have a worthy resource that can be used instead. By using solar and water power, it provides safety to the environment, as well as, safety to humans. By not having as much harmful pollutants in the air, more individuals will not have to deal with respiratory problems like they had to with gas operated machines. The only downfall from switching from coal powered services, to electric powered, is that it is an expensive task. Hydro power and solar power can be very costly depending on what you are powering, as what kind of repression we are in right now, many people can not afford such new innovations. As well as being expensive, coal miners and that of the industry, will be put out of jobs. But, after getting over the obstacles, the ozone that is depleting will slow down.
Solution #1:
Electric Cars
Solution #2:
Hydro or Solar Power
Solution #3:
Planting more trees
Air pollution is connected to poverty in many ways. The majority of undeveloped countries are victim to polluted air, industries pour fumes into the air, as well as, cars also polluting the air by being gas operated vehicles. Underdeveloped countries can't aide themselves once sick from the pollutants, falling very ill from lack of medical help, where some might even die.
Time Consuming:
Labor Hungry:
The Best Conclusion:
The best solution for air pollution, would be to switch from nonrenewable resources of energy to renewable resources of energy. Air pollution is very harmful to the environment and humans, by eliminating the source of pollutants, it eliminates sicknesses, and any underlying global warming issues. While electric cars seem like a great place to start, those can come after we move our focus to solar and hydro powers. Electric cars can then later run on one of those energies. But to get to that, we needs to stop the most detrimental aspect of our daily lives, coal. When coal has been removed, the ozone layer will stop from depleting, at that time we can focus on planting trees as well.
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