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HRM : Understanding Labour Markets

No description

philip nash

on 21 March 2017

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Transcript of HRM : Understanding Labour Markets

HRM : Assessing the state of the Labour Markets
The importance of migrant labour to the sector
New Anglia LEP: Economic profile 2013
Eastern Region Labour Facts
Ageing Population
The Productivity and Skills Problem
Comparison with Sweden
Norwich City Council: Economic Barometer 2015
Poor planning, a lack of work organisation and inadequate
supervision means that more than a third of working time in the hospitality industry is wasted, according to work by the Best Practice Forum. Hospitality businesses must become smarter, not work harder.

The Hospitality Digest 2014
HTE workforce age
The Guardian
Norwich City Council Economic Barometer 2015
Students studying H,T and E at HE level
What is a labour market
What is the current state of the LM
What is the current state of the H,T and E labour market

Perfect Storm: Strong demand for labour, staff shortages and high staff turnover
"Projections suggest that the sector will need to recruit an additional 1.3m more staff by the end of
2024. Three quarters of this figure is to replace existing staff (reflecting high levels of staff turnover)
and the remainder reflects the continuing growth of the sector." People Ist 2016
ONS 2017
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