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Clayton Sleep Institute- go!-report

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Info goBRANDgo

on 24 February 2018

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Transcript of Clayton Sleep Institute- go!-report

Update messaging and marketing strategy to target referring doctors
Streamline referral process for new patients
Capitalize on intellectual capital that is already owned by Clayton Sleep
Build brand of Clayton Sleep and Dr. Ojile in way that promotes future acquisitions
Growth outsourced management services of sleep clinics
Referred by trusted source
Experience in working with similar size/type of clients
Ability to consult on and assist in executing overall marketing strategy
Have the ability to bring in and collaborate with strategic partners
Strong online capabilities with "in-house" staff to execute
Process driven marketing approach
Marketing with sales expertise and background
Metrics based approach to marketing
Primary care/family physicians
Dentists / Orthodontists
Psychiatrists, Therapists, and other mental health professionals and agencies
Non-licensed health professionals
Mid-sized Health care organizations
People writing about/researching sleep
Physicians / Dentists
Reputation in industry
Size and ability
Limited options for treatment
Top rated facility
Knowledge and expertise
Top of mind
Reputation in industry
Scope of services
Referred by a trusted source
At home or On site capabilities
Compassionate care
Spouse tells them to get a test
Don't connect issue to sleep issue
Clayton Sleep not top of mind
Don't have relationship with Clayton Sleep
Recommend sleep test, but aren't specific
Busy and forget to get referral
Don’t link sleep issue with larger health issues
Don’t feel urgency
Scared of diagnosis or how it will change their life
Don’t want to be on a cPap
Unsure of time requirements
Don’t think they have an issue
Consistent marketing message/strategy/plan that can be easily executed and measured
Metrics based marketing program in place
Steady stream of new referrals consistently coming in
More people reaching out to Clayton Sleep/Joe for expert opinion
Hospitals hiring Clayton Sleep to run their sleep lab
: competitors stake claim to your targeted expansion markets and you have to spend 2x-3x more later to unseat the incumbent with lower odds of success
Hire a "Consultant" or Freelancer
: consultants are great at telling you "what" to do, but not "how" to do it. They also don't execute, just direct. Freelancers are a great lower cost alternative, but you have to lead and direct them. With freelancers you have to have a good internal quarterback who can ensure every deliverable is on brand and consistent.
Creative Shop
: can often take a design-first approach as opposed to working backwards from business goals, which can lead to a very pretty, but strategically ineffective website
Development Shop
: will create a functionally effective website that may likely lack aesthetic appeal
Handle Internally
: pulling resources away from non-core competency work; vendor vetting & management has a large learning curve and is very expensive
Spread among current staff
: nobody’s job to focus on your growth goals reduces accountability and priority which leads to things being halfway done at best
Hire employee to “run” marketing
: take on additional non-core competency overhead expense - soft costs of time distraction from ownership/management to hire, train, manage with the risk of wrong hire or turnover and having to do it again, coupled with hard costs of salary, taxes, benefits, equipment, space, etc.

Starting Salaries
- Entry-Level: $45,000; Mid-Experienced: $70,000; Experienced: $120,000+
Public Speaking and Industry Presentations
PR - be seen as a thought leader in the industry
Search Engine Optimization
Local Google Business Page optimization
Social Media Advertising
Blog posts and submitted articles
Traditional Radio Advertising- local personality
Bulky Mail campaign to Doctors
Geo-fencing advertising to medial offices
Doctor Training Events
Strategic Consulting
Project Management
Social Media
Written content creation
Website Development
Google and online listings expert
Media Pitching
Online ad buying
Find out if we have a good handle on your business and goals and are on the right track with our budget and ideas.
Traditional & Online PR
Email Marketing
Marketing Automation Software
Event Planning
Graphic Design
Survey Design and implementation
Trade Show Planning
Why We're Here...
1) Your Overall Needs, Objectives, & Goals:
2) goBRANDgo! was invited because we fit
3) Today, to see if we're the right fit...
Why They Buy:
Why They Don't Buy:
Success Looks Like:
Cost of Alternatives:
Our Approach
Brand Platform
Company & Customer Focused Research and Plan
Strategy & Execution
Project Management, Tweak & Repeat, Vendor Management
Graphic Design Online/Offline
Sales/Marketing Funnel
Establish Brand Platform
Awareness & Acquisition of Q^2 Leads
Nurture & Convert Prospects
Repeat/Retain/Refer Clients
Vendor List to Execute:
Next Steps:
1. Did we prove ourselves?
2. What concerns do you currently have?
3. Do we look like a good fit so far?

some/part of your buying criteria which is:
Whitepapers with marketing automation
How to tell if I need a sleep test
Proactive Chat
Screening followup
Promotional Items
Ad Retargeting
What to expect at first visit
ROI calculator for owning vs. partnering with Clayton Sleep
Regular health informational email and direct mail campaigns
Customer appreciation campaigns
Center of Influence referral campaigns
Trade show engagement process
Open houses for events
Social media sharing- before and after photos
Contests and awards for engagement
Social media raffles, sharing, and posting of valuable content
User path mapping on website
Case studies of clients/other physicians who have partnered
Virtual tours of locations
Video testimonials
Videos of culture and team
Videos of physicians explaining procedures
Family education- package tests
Updated Marketing brochures
Paid search campaigns
Ads in Industry Email Newsletters
Industry Association engagement
Social media engagement strategy
Workshops and Public "Tent" events
Doctor CEU's
Co-branded Employer events on sleep
Free workshops/seminars for large health institutions
First Responder testing program- free or sponsor a First Responder
Military Testing Program- free or sponsor a Vet
Brand Messaging
Competitor Analysis
Ideal Client Profile Interviews
Value of a New Customer:
Current Closing %:
Growth Goals:
Physician / Dentist: Varies based on Insurance Accepted and Volume Potential
Patient: Varies based on Payment Type
Website visit to contact form- ?
Referral to booked appointment-?
Booked appointment to visit-?
Visit to completed Sleep test-?
Sleep Tests
New Patients
# of referring physicians / dentists
Closing Ratio +
# of Opps =
Customers w/
Cost of Acquisition =
Revenue & Profit
Midwest Sleep Diagnostics
(first on google)
SLUcare sleep disorders center
(ranked on google, but actually is run by Clayton Sleep)
Mercy Sleep Center
Washington University Sleep Medicine Center
Somno Sure
St. Luke's Sleep Medicine and Research Center
Millenium Sleep Lab
American Sleep Medicine
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