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No description

Sputnik5 by Innovation Lab

on 17 April 2018

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Transcript of CONNECTIONS

Mercedes Bionic Car
The Streetlight Effect:
The principle of the drunkard's search
, A. Kaplan (1964)
“Disciplinary Science is dead.
It’s gone!”
Tapping into the unknown unknowns
1. Extreme motivation
2. Ahead of "market"
3. Unknown to base
Better strategic fit
IP Protection
8 x Sales
Any old map?
Mountains look the same?
Direct Sales Model
Supply Chain
90% of “new” and successful business models are rooted in either:
- BM pattern from other industry
- BM from other org in same industry
- Combo of 2 existing BM’s
"...decision making, perception, memory (WM & LTM), creativity, emotion, explanation, identification, general cognition..."
Habitual Thinking
Analogy Awareness
Memory & Intuition
Bridging knowledge domains and uncovering the unknown unknowns.
Why it matters and how to do it.
1. Describe
2. Search
3. Map
4. Transfer
5. Validate
6. Prototype

- KANBAN (Shelf-stocking in supermarkets)
- ANDON CORD (Bus passenger pulling cord)
Facebook RDDC - IKEA Flat Pack
1. Describe
2. Search
3. Map
4. Transfer
5. Validate
6. Prototype
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