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Welcome to English 1-2

Expectancy Sheet 2012-2013

Rebecca Hurst

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to English 1-2

Welcome to
Pre-AP English 1-2

Participation and imagination
Dark blue or black pen and/or a pencil
Loose leaf paper (no "rippies" please)
A section of a binder or a small binder
Any assigned reading or textbook

If you would like to donate a box of tissues or
a roll of toilet paper for classroom sniffles, we
would greatly appreciate that as well.
Daily Class Materials
Grading Scale
A = 90 -100%
B = 80 - 89%
C = 70 - 79%
D = 60 - 69%
F = Below 60%
Grades are weighted by categories.
50% of the grade is homework/classwork.
50% of the grade is tests/quizzes.

This means that you must do well in
both daily work as well as testing
Welcome to Flowing Wells High School!

Pre-AP English 1-2 is a fast-paced, energetic, and intellectually challenging course that pushes students to explore not only the elements of efficient reading and effective writing, but to also make connections to their implementation in real world settings. This is a two-semester class that fulfills one of the four English credits required for graduation. Our focus this year will be on a wide variety of literature, the Six Traits of Writing, the elements of fiction and non-fiction, the parts of speech, public speaking, poetry, the Stanford 10 test with preparation for next year’s AIMS test, and college/career planning.

Show respect toward every person and all property in class. This includes showing respect for yourself. Appropriate language is also required here.

2. BE PUNCTUAL. Always be in your assigned seat and working before the tardy bell rings. You need to be in class, on time, and attentive in order to meet your potential in this class. Makegood choices, and the rewards will come quickly.

3. BE PREPARED. Have all necessary materials and use them appropriately.
· Be prepared with daily and homework
assignments. Late work will not be
accepted! Embrace Edmodo.
· Bring needed materials daily.
(pen/pencil, binder, books used,
assignment calendar)
· Follow procedures when you are
absent. It is your responsibility to get
your work when you are absent.
· Keep up with an assignment calendar.
This could be your best asset.

4. PARTICIPATE. Actively follow instructions and engage yourself in the learning. This is an active learning environment so participation is encouraged, expected, appreciated, and

5. FOLLOW PROCEDURES. Actively and consistently follow all the procedures in class. Ask questions if you are unclear about any procedure. All FWHS rules apply in this classroom; check your handbook for more information. Yes, dress code is enforced.
Classroom Procedures

1. As soon as you enter the classroom, begin the bell work. Your calendar is worth five points per day, so begin there. Also, follow directions explicitly because this builds success for the day.

2. Late work will NOT be accepted, but most work isn’t deemed late until 3:00pm.

3. If you are tardy, please sign the tardy sheet located near the door. If you have a pass, hand this to your teacher after signing the book. If you do not sign the tardy book, you will be marked absent.

4. Everybody works everyday. Be proud of your work. Do the best you can on every assignment, and then label it with YOUR FULL NAME and PERIOD before turning it in. Your work is your trophy!

5. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the work you missed. Upon your return, visit the assignment area. Collect all materials for the day (or days) you missed. Review the materials independently. If you need extra help or explanation, visit during tutoring times. I will be unable to interrupt the current day’s learning to discuss in detail what you have missed. All made up work should be labeled as such.

6. NO visible or audible (even on vibrate) cell phone is permitted unless expressly directed for a class assignment.

7. Expect for active thinking and learning to become a habit.

8. Come for help in room 37 before school, at lunch, or after school in room 37, or find class hints online at Edmodo.com.
Review fiction and its elements
Introduce advanced literary elements
Introduce strategies for nonfiction and functional text
Review the writing process
Write often to improve scores in the Six Traits of Writing
DAP tests, quarter test, unit tests, final exam, essays
Analyze literary elements in dramas, poetry, and advanced readings
Reinforce advanced literary elements
Continue strategies for nonfiction and functional text
Write to score all 4's and 5's in the Six Traits of Writing
DAP test, Stanford 10 test, quarter test, unit tests, final exam, essays, novel project
Expectancy Sheet Procedures
* First, "sign" the expectancy sheet
by using the reply button to enter your
birthday. (Example: Rebecca Hurst = 8/20)

*Then choose to accept or decline the
a. Go to tagxedo.com.
b. Review your handbook for policies
and procedures.
c. Use tagxedo to create a keyword
collage. Print or upload it by 8/16.
You are
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