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North Carolina is Formed

No description

Sydney Herring

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of North Carolina is Formed

North Carolina is Formed In this slide you will learn what events
led to NC becoming settled, How it became
a colony, groups that helped, and much more! King James was unhappy with the Virginia Company's management
of its colony so he cancelled its charter in 1624. In 1629, his son Charles I made a vast grant of land to Sir Robert Heath, his attorney general. The Tuscarora Indians and Europeans helped settle North Carolina. The king insisted the new colony be named Carolana. , from Carolus, Latin for Charles. Heaths efforts to attract Europeans to his new colony failed. So in 1638, he turned over his interests over to his friend. By that time people in nearby Virginia became even more interested in the region(North Carolina). Merchants, traders, and famers in search of better land made their way to Carolana. By the early 1600's as many as 500 people lived between Virginia and Albemarle Sound. But they didn't have a real government. In 1642, Civil War broke out between King Charles I and Parliament.
Parliament won... In 1649 they executed Charles and abolished the monarchy.
In 1663, Charles II repaid his dept to eight of the men who had helped him regain power. He granted then a vast tract of land in the Americas. This was called Carolina-which was granted to Sir Robert Heath. According to the Proprietors charter, the official tax supported church of Carolina was the Anglican Church. The struggle between Anglicans and Quakers finally convinced the Proprietors that they need a better government. May 9, 1712, Carolina splits into North and South Carolina. Edward Hyde is the first governor of North Carolina.
About the time Ludwell took over, more and more people began settling along Pamlico River. Bath County was created in 1669. The peace treaty was signed and many more people started to arrive. In North Carolina, the Huguenots found it pleasant. Settlers poured into the colony. in 1706 the town of Bath was established. This is the oldest town in NC. FIN.
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