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The Iliad

No description

Syed Refaie

on 13 February 2017

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Transcript of The Iliad

Major Critics on The Iliad
"Together with the Bible, The Iliad represents the foundation of Western literature, thought and spirituality..." - Harold Bloom
Other Major Works
The Odyssey
Homeric Hymns
Dactylic Hexameter
Dactyls follow a pattern of a long syllable followed by two short syllables
Spondees consist of two long syllables
Epic Poem - Characteristics of this genre include :
Invocation of Muses
Reflections of the Society they were written in
Usage of Stock Phrases
Involve supernatural beings in some form
Homer - Who exactly is he?
Why is it a classic?
The Iliad
Major Themes
The Wrath of Achilles
Coldness and Brutality of War
Fate and the inevitability of death
Bottom line, he's really a mystery
Homeric Question - Homer's identity, true authorship of the Iliad and Odyssey, and the circumstances of composition
The Iliad itself was probably composed some time in the eight century or seventh century B.C.
Oral Tradition - Art was passed down from generation to generation this way
"The Iliad is both a landmark in the history of literature and a relic of its prehistory, so that to read it today is to encounter two masterpieces of ancient narrative at once". - Andrew Ford
First four feet can be either Dactyls or Spondees, the fifth foot is usually a Dactyl and the sixth foot is always a spondee
Homeric Epithets assist in meeting the constraints of this poetic style
"The Gospels are the last marvelous expression of Greek genius, as the Iliad is the first..." - Simone Weil
The Iliad provides a realistic depiction of warfare and the things that come along with it, the feelings of pride and anger, the thirst for revenge for your fallen allies
One of the greatest poems ever composed, The Iliad is the first great piece of Western Literature
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