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Background Information

No description

Margaret Myers

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Background Information

Translate To Spanish
Work Cited
Conjugating Estar
Quiz Answers
Background Information

Realidades Text Book
Ellos están lavando el coche.
El está dando de comer al perro .
Tu estás limpiando el bano.
Yo estoy haciendo la cama.
Ella está cortando el cesped.
Estoy Estamos
Present Progressive
The present progresive is formed by combining the verb, to be, and the present participle. The present participle is the ing in English. And ANDO and IENDO in spanish.
In English the present progressive is explaining what is happening right now. (ing).
It is used when something is taking place such as, I am washing the car. Yo estoy lavando el coche.
They are washing the car

He is feeding the dog

You are cleaning the bathroom

I am making the bed

She is cutting the lawn
YouTube Spanish Song
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