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The Sticky secret of gecko toes. By Rebecca L. Johnson

No description

Kalie Leach

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of The Sticky secret of gecko toes. By Rebecca L. Johnson

The Sticky secret of gecko toes. By Rebecca L. Johnson
Copying mother nature!
One team of scientist has invented sticky tape made of tiny plastic fibers. The fiber looks like the end of a geckos toe hairs.
How does it work
When a gecko climbs on a surface its foot suddenly stick. They stick because molecules in the branching tips get pulled toward the surface. The pull lets a gecko's toe stick like glue to anything. The force holding the hair tips to a surface is strong. But when the gecko lifts up his foot the pull is broken. The tip lets go and the gecko moves on.
Hello Gecko
Some geckos are brightly colored, while others are grey or brown. Some have may spots, streaks, or stripes. A gecko can fit the palm of your hand.
All around and upside down
Geckos can run super fast. Its good because most of insects they eat can move fast too. They can climb across the ceiling and hang upside down. They can even hang on things that is slippery as glass.
Talented Toes
The pads of most geckos' toes have many small ridges that are made up of tiny hairs. Each toe has nearly million of these hairs.
The hair divides at its tip. The tip of each hair branch is to form hundreds of extremely small endings.
Project by Kalie Leach
Fun Facts
Have no eyelids.
A gecko can walk down a glass window without falling off.
It uses it uses its long tongue to lick its eyes clean.

Their are 1,200 kinds of geckos
A gecko can catch most of its food in one run.
The toe pads of most geckos are covered with millions of hairs on branches at their tips.
They found the oldest known gecko fossil is at least 100,000,000 years old. The toe pad looks like the ones that are here today.
A gecko curls up its toes before moving its food
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