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Contemporary Approaches to Genetics

No description

Educurious Team

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of Contemporary Approaches to Genetics

Contemporary Approaches to Genetics
Need To Know

How can DNA sequences help us understand
problems related to species identification and public health?
Module 2 Introduction to DNA
Extract DNA from a strawberry
DNA unzipped video
Cracking the Code video
Build a DNA candy model

Drosophila Lab Option
Steps are carried out over several weeks: pick flies, mate them, remove adults, count the offspring, set up another cross, repeat....
Background on model organisms
Virtual drosophila lab
Module 3 Barcoding Introduction
By the end of the unit you will have done some real genetics research using the tools that scientists use. You may have even made a new discovery!
The TEA barcode project
Read a scientific abstract
Identify a species with BLAST database
Module 4 Cancer and the Cell Cycle
Cancer and the Cell Cycle
Indoor tanning controversy
Mitosis Pop beads model
Mitosis Background
Questions to Expert
Cell cycle simulation
Lee Hartwell video
Mitosis under microscope
Module 5 Meiosis
How does an egg or sperm get a half set of DNA?
Background reading on meiosis
Cell Cycle
Pop bead meiosis model
Module 6 Research Design Plan
Module 7 Principles of
Create Punnet Squares
Play genetic traits bingo
Spongebob genetics simulations
Tay Sachs video
Module 9 Transcription and Translation
How do genes get expressed as proteins?
Ryan Clark Story
Sickle Cell Investigation
Protein synthesis
Protein Synthesis animations
DNA the Secret of Life Video
Module 8 Final
Research Design Plan
Module 10 Barcode Wet Lab
Pipet practice
Sample preparation
PCR amplification

Module 11 Data Analysis
Track results in the DNA Subway
Look for a match in the Blast database
Prepare a scientific abstract
Share your results
Post test
Foldit Option
How does a string of amino acids fold to become a working protein?
Play Foldit - A citizen science game
Find a research topic for your project
Research Design Plan for peer review
Expert review
Module 1 Getting started
Meet your Expert
Questions about genetics discussion board
The Project
Use contemporary DNA technology to answer your own question about genetics.
DNA Barcoding
Fruit Flies
To prepare for your project you will learn about the structure of DNA, classical genetic crosses, cell division and cancer, genetic diseases, and protein synthesis. You will develop a research design plan that uses contempory technology that could answer a question that important to you and society.
Why Care?
Genetics has emerged as a powerful tool for curing many human health problems, a key for unlocking mysteries of evolution, and a hope for coping with changes in the environment. Genetic technology has also created ethical and legal problem that citizens must understand. Genetics is fundamental to many careers in biology and health care. These are the jobs of the future.
Use expert feedback
Revise your research plan
Collect samples
Organize materials
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