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Evolution of Nora

No description

Elizabeth Jee

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Evolution of Nora

Evolution of Nora
Act I
illegal act - forgery
contemplates suicide
thinks about children
begins to grow
a heart....
Act II
Dr. Rank
thinks about taking advantage of him...
begins to feel guilty
"Oh, Kristine, I feel so light and happy! Won't it be lovely to have stacks and stacks of money and not a care in the world?" (Act I, p.949)

"No not just for necessities, but stacks and stacks of money!" (Act I, p.949)

"Just imagine how a man with that sort of guilt in him has to cheat and deceive all side, has to wear a mask even with the nearest and dearest he has, even with his own wife and children. And with the children, Nora - that's where its most horrible." (Act I p.970)
"Hurt my children - ?Poison my home? ... Never in all the world." (Act I, p.971
" -and not even be able to leave some poor show of gratitude behind, scarecly a fleeting regret -" (Act II p.986)
Nora will not kill herself in Act III - too much to
protect and
live for - she will try to fix her mistakes
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