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No description

Sarah Elnajjar

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of FLOODS

What is it?
• Excessive precipitation
• River flooding
• Coastal flooding
• Flash floods
Flooding in Australia
Eastern coastal side of Australia -wide range of different classifications of flooding
Southern Queensland has major flooding
Flooding occurs in low lying areas

Survival strategies
Most expensive type of natural disaster- estimated total cost $10 billion on QLD flood in 2010/2011
Economic influences on importing/exporting goods
Increase in price of supplies
Queensland flood 2010/2011
• Central and southern Queensland
• Caused by a low pressure trough combined with Cyclone Tasha
• 78% of the land was under water
• 4000 people have water through their homes
• 35 people have died while 200, 000 were affected
Preparing for a flood:

- Check and stay informed: flood watch, flash flood watch, flood warning , or a flash flood warning
- Planning ahead: evacuation plan, ways to communicate with others.
- Prepare a survival kit with emergency equipment
In a flood situation:
- Turn off all electricity and gas
- Don’t drive in flooded areas
- Move your family, pets and expensive belongings
- Disconnect any electrical devices

Survival Strategies
Loss of homes
Loss of lives
Physical and mental health impacts
Holly beach - USA
Cumberland River - Victoria
By: Thao Vu, Sarah Elnajjar & Badiaa Bahsa
Pakistan floods 2010
• One- fifth of the total area under water
• 1, 985 people died
• 20.5 million people affected

Bundaberg - Queensland
Loss of livestock
Crop destruction
Damage of roads, collapse of bridges or destruction of buildings- releases toxic materials killing maritime life.
Be aware of the risks, & know the routes to safety.
Have a survival kit prepared
Anyone can help the flood victims by donating money, goods or just volunteering to help those affected

Contributed up to $25 000
Help prepare lost production
Release updates and reports about floods
Responsibilities and Responses
Support flood victims
Community agencies are to inform the community how and when to react.
Community groups to volunteer and donate towards floods
• Encouraged emergency responses
• Financial funding for flood victims
• Reuniting families through the national registration and inquiry system
• Relocating houses for victims

• Rescue residents
• Search operations
• Assisting people suffering from injury
• Protecting people and properties from danger
• Assisting communities

Positive Impacts
Maintaining key ecosystem functions and biodiversity
Link the river with the land surrounding it
Recharge groundwater systems & fill wetlands.
The environmental benefits help the economy through things such as increased fish population, and recharge of groundwater resources.
There were two floods in 2010 the Pakistan and Queensland floods. Since Pakistan is a developing country and Australia is a developed country which flood do you think had more effects on the residents?
Bangkok - Thailand
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