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Me Before You Presentation

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claire taylor

on 16 August 2016

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Transcript of Me Before You Presentation

Me Before You

The Climax in a novel is an internal or emotional change in the protagonist. In
Me Before You, Lou
isa Clark was changed emotionally after she overheard Will's parents discussing a deal they had made with him. The deal was for Will to live for the next six months and then decide whether or not he still wants to go through with his plans to to Dignitas.
Where was it written?
Me Before You
was written in London, England, UK. The story takes place in a village in Stortfold, England.
Who wrote it?
Me Before You
was written by English author Jojo Moyes. She was born in London, England, UK in 1969. She is now forty-six years old as of 2016. She began her writing debut in 2002 by becoming a Romance novelist.
When was it written?
Me Before you
was published on January 5, 2012. It was later followed by a sequel titled
After You
in 2015.
Me Before You
was also adapted into a film in June 2016. The actual time in which the story takes place is set between 2007 and 2009.
Climax Continued...
When Louisa overheard this conversation, she was devastated. Her opinion of Will changed and she no longer wanted to help him live his everyday life. This was the turning point of the book because Louisa was emotionally not the same afterwards. This was when the real purpose of the book started to come about.
Eventually, Louisa's main goal became to change Will's mind about his chosen death. In the end, no matter how much Louisa loved Will, and how much Will loved Louisa, it would never be enough for him to change his mind about wanting to end his life because of his condition. Moyes stated that "Ultimately, I wrote the ending that I felt was true to the characters." This chosen ending came to a shock to readers, although it was the resolution Moyes felt was appropriate.
Why was it written?
Me Before You
has a theme of both understanding others and how to deal with certain difficult situations in life. For instance, Louisa and other characters had to learn to accept what Will wanted in the end. Essentially, Moyes conveys a theme that anyone's opinion can be right or wrong and it is up to us to accept them.
To whom was it written?
It was written for young adults and adults. It's a great book for anyone who loves love stories.
How was it written?
Moyes wrote in different perspectives. For example, some of the chapters started in point of views from different characters. She also used English slang terms and dialogue.
Clark vs. Traynor
Clark: Louisa (Lou) Clark is a cautious non-athletic individual. She's lived in Stortford all of her life. Lou comes from a poor family, who she thinks, likes her sister Treena better than her. Lou didn't get the opportunity to go to college.
Traynor: Will Traynor is an adventurous, athletic, and daring person. He originally lived in London, but after his accident, in which he became a quadriplegic, he moved to Stortford to live with his parents. Will comes from a very wealthy family and has attended college.

Will Traynor woke up and started to head to work one morning.
His phone rang and his coworker Rupert's voice came through on the phone.
Will flagged down a cab and began to run across the street.
He heard a screeching sound as a shiny black cab came to a stop.
Me Before You
the conflict is man vs. man and man vs. himself.
Lou finds out Will wants to go to Dignitas.
Lou went onto multiple Quadriplegic chat rooms to get more information about Will's disability.
She got him to go outside and gets him to go to a horse race.
In the beginning, he hates it and she has to fight with him to get him outside.
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