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personal study paths

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Anne Erkinheimo-Kyllönen

on 13 November 2015

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Transcript of personal study paths

personal study paths
different options to complete vocational degree
in Finnish Vocational education system .
How the process of personalizing learning goes?
made by
Anne erkinheimo-kyllonen ©
Please let me know if you are using my prezi for your own purposes
anne.erkinheimo at gmail.com
About how a teacher can personalize learning...
"Osaamisen tunnistaminen ja tunnustaminen sekä henkilökohtaiset oppimispolut"

Find out student's previous knowledge

Student has "the burden of proving" the previous knowledge.
Step 2
Compare the previous knowledge to the curriculum.

You can only give credits for the subject you are teaching, or usually it is the headteacher, who gives the gredits in these cases.
Step 3
There are multiple ways to accomplish the studies:
Go to school, do the studies traditionally
Get your prior knowledge and skills recognized and only study the parts you need to complement your competences
Show your skills as competence based qualifications (no need for traditional schooling at all)
Do you studies as apprenticeship training
If you don't need the whole degree you can only study the part that you require
blogs, internet pages..
"With this internet page he has proven me
that he knows all the same things that are
marked as intended learning outcomes
in this it-course (in the curriculum).
I'm able to give him gredits right away...
But I might like to see in practise that he really is
able to code, so I'll make him show me his skills
in practise.
After that I'll grant the credits for this course. "
Apprenticeship training
( 1 year at school, two working)
On-the-job training
Learning while working at youth workshop (preventing segregation)
Go abroad to do volunteer work
Step 4
Remember; Teacher is the one responsible in guiding the student trough the studies (it's called teaching!)

Remember to ask for documentation, so
you are able to do the assesment.
If you have experiences of different
learning paths (maybe from another
country) please share them on our
facebook page.
Opinnollistaminen is the term used when comparing the work done in a certain organization to the curriculum. Then the organization agrees with a school that a student is able to have a degree from certain parts of studies if he has been working in this organisation and has done these tasks.
competence based
qualifications =
Youtube videos about
apprenticeship training
(in finnish, sorry :/ )
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