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Time management

No description

Diana Espinoza

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Time management

Don't Waste your Time You only have so much!
Things can come up it's a part of life! Be ready to move stuff around but...
What is Time Management?!
Managing time effectively so that the right amount of time is allocated to the right activity!
- Procrastination is the gap between the time we plan to perform a task and the time we actually perform it.

-Or waiting to the last minute to do things

- One of the biggest issues with students!

-If students can avoid procastination, they will be successful in college!
Look around you and see how much time we really use effectively.
The numbers of interrupters is phenomenally large. We look busy, but in fact we are not.
- Planners

- Email Reminders
- Phone Reminders

BUT HOW CAN YOU MANAGE YOUR TIME WHILE IN COLLEGE................................................
Why is it important to Manage your time?

- Learn to balance...........
- School/Studying
- Life
- Work
- Family/Friends
- Activities
- So do
take on more than you can handle
Cafe College Planner
Plan your Week Activity
Students will be given 15 minutes to plan out the up coming week!

1. On a separate piece of paper students will break up their task/activities for the week into 3 categories.
- "Rock" Task
*Immovable/most important task
*ex: class, work, etc
*for class put students upcoming semester Schedule if they have it!
- Routine Task
* Can be moved around
*ex: work out and studying
- Leisure Activities
*free time
* going to the movies, shopping, hanging with friends and family

2. Once finished, start using the Weekly planner activity sheet and according to the day/time, shade in the boxes starting with Rock Task, then Routine Task, then finally leisure activities.

* Ex: If I have a Math class from 10-10:50 on MWF I will shade 10am to 11am in and put MATH Class. Or If I have work 3pm-7pm I will shade the boxes from 3pm-7pm and put work

As a college student one of the most important task you must make time for is........
* Partying:

* Social Networking


* Work


- "work Hard, play hard"
-do your school work and assignments then have fun
- Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc
"WOW," Pretty Little Liars, NBA Finals
- Do not put work before school, you can always make more money after a college education
Its great hanging out with friends and family but make sure they are motivating to put school first!
And lets not forget..
Study material
* Make a To-Do List for the week
*Break larger Tasks into smaller, easier to handle tasks
*Learn to Say "No" if you have other important things to do
*Don't Procrastinate
What we gain from time management, in essence, is not more time, but a better life.
Bad time management =
STRESSIN' OUT with everything you have to do?!
Avoid it!
-These tools will save your life in college so know how to use them!
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