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A Hero's Journey in Beauty and the Beast

No description

Melanie Kim

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of A Hero's Journey in Beauty and the Beast

Call to Adventure
Belle worries when her father’s horse returns home without him so she decides to seek for him. Belle's father, Maurice, is her only family.
She winds up at Beast’s castle and finds out that her father has been imprisoned.
Belle bargains with Beast and takes her father’s place as prisoner.
Supernatural Aids

Belle does not refuse her call to adventure because she has to save her father.
Refusal of the Call
Belle transforms from hating Beast into loving him.
Beast turns back into a human, and so does all the household items.
Belle crosses the threshold when she has to leave her home in the small town to a castle in the forest.
Crossing the Threshold
Belle is accompanied by her horse, Felipe, when she's outside of the castle. Inside the castle, she is together with the servants.
A challenge Belle faces is when Gaston tries to get Belle to marry him and she refuses.
Another challenge Belle faces is when she tries to teach Beast how to coexist with other people and teach him manners.
Road of Trials
Belle and her father, Maurice, are locked in the basement by Gaston as he goes off to hunt Beast.
Belly of the Whale
Belle returns to the castle and saves Beast from falling into a pit with Gaston.
Into the Abyss
A Hero's Journey in Beauty and the Beast
I. Separation
Mrs. Potts and Chip
Cogsworth & Lumiere
Belle is given a magic mirror from Beast and she uses this to show the townspeople that her father is not crazy and that there is actually a beast.
The Beast is given a magic rose by an enchantress and if no one falls in love with him by the time the petals all fall, then he will remain a beast forever.
II. Initiation
While fighting the wolves, Beast got hurt and Belle feels guilty. Belle thanks Beast for saving her life.
The Hero's Return
Belle doesn't return to the known world; after falling in love with Beast, she decides to stay at the castle and she considers it as her new home.
Although it is only a cartoon, Beauty and the Beast captures one of the most enduring of all human needs — to be loved for your inner beauty rather than outward appearance - Morgan Doremus
by Melanie Kim
The Magic Flight
When Belle abruptly leaves the castle to go back home, wolves attack her and Beast saves her.
Belle is a mentor to Beast because she teaches him manners and how to be human-like again.
III. The Return
Threshold Guardians
The wolves initially block Belle from coming into the castle.
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