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No description

Obed Oei

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Disneyland

Competitors Strategy Formulation Financing Goal Disneyland Fulfilling market demand for:

Vast range of attractions Disneyland Shanghai Redefining the 'Theme Park' Market Analysis Start Current Conditions

Chinese Market Implications:

CREATE and add value through diversification
Rejuvenate Disney brands
Culture Assets Winning Stance Chimelong Happy Valley Discoveryland Expected Outcomes Hong Kong Disneyland Vision / Mission:

Creating universal and timeless family entertainment Blue Ocean Strategies

Make the competition irrelevant Disney’s Future Success Story Based Content:

Disney Theatrical Group (broadway, theater, on ice, etc.)

Consumer Products

Home Video Industry (Marvel, Hollywood, Touchstone, Miramax) Asset Opportunities Focus #1: Raising Brand Power

Strengthen Franchise Tie-Ins

Localize to Chinese tastes & culture Focus #2: Overcoming Low Intellectual Property Protection

Quality differentiation

Limited emphasis on physical merchandise Located in Guangzhou

Largest amusement park in China

Thrill-focused rides

50,000 daily capacity Chain-system management
(Shenzhen, Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Wuhan, Tianjin)

Thrill-focused rides Located in Dalian

Largest amusement park in the Liaoning Province

Diversity and Status 1. Overcrowding Problems

2. Bad Quality Control

3. Culture Issues

4. Knockoffs Focus To go beyond ‘the traditional theme park’.

Outdoor and Indoor entertainment.

Focus is on a differentiated offering. … to ultimately capture customers beyond just traditional theme park goers. Divergence Disneyland is not just a theme park

Offer value beyond this ! A real interactive opportunity with Disney productions and studio education.

A broader product offering (Disney on Ice, Disney theatre, Disney soundtrack). BOS Slogan ‘See the fantasy, feel the excitement’ Short and easy to remember. Summarizes the BOS proposal well.

Sense of fantasia : engage visitors in all of their five senses.

Creating a new dimension of excitement through diversification. Anticipated Profit Anticipated Operating Profit for 2015:

Ticket Sales: 30.3 million

Theme Park: $433 million (Margin from Sales: 18%)

Indoor Theater: $77 million (Margin from Sales: 24%) Expected Costs Expected Costs for 2015:


Theme Park: $3.7 billion
Hotels and RD&E: $700 million
Indoor Theater: $410 million

2. Operating Costs:

Theme Park: $1.9 billion
Indoor Theater: $322 million Expanding Customer Base Academic and sporting groups - performers and athletes. Those who prefer indoor means of entertainment. Older generation; seniors and young families. Ordinary theme park goers. Beyond Boundaries Not in the theme park industry, but entertainment. Disney Theme Parks with Disney Theatre. More than one target customer. Offering outdoor and indoor leisure, and a resort. An interactive theme park - mascots and stories. Proactive innovation, not reactive. Market Leadership Leadership in three areas: Unique Concept

No other brand has attempted a super park offering. Local Partnership

Public - Schools, suppliers, talent groups, local government. Innovation

US Technologies and partnerships with local Chinese suppliers. Sum-up Proposed BOS focus graph Hong Kong Disneyland focus graph
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