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No description

Meghan Blanusa

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Beastly

By Alex Flinn Protagonist Kyle Kingsbury a.k.a Adrian King
16 years old
Blonde hair, blue eyes
Comes from money
Thinks beauty and looks are everything
Angers a witch gets spelled Antagonist Kendra Hilferty
Dresses in all black
Purple and green streaks in her black hair
The Witch
Disguised as the house maid
Curses Kyle but also helps him
Good intentions, bad decision The conflict of Beastly is man vs. himself and man vs. man. Kyle Kingsbury must over come his superficial attitude and learn to appreciate people no matter who they are. Kyle needs to fight off his old ways to make a true change and become a nice person. Man vs. man conflict comes when Kendra turns kyle into the beast. Kyle fights with Kendra in hopes of getting turned back and later on must also fight off citizens of New York and someone who attacks Lindy. Conflict/Summary Setting Place: New York City
Time: Modern Day, no specific year mentioned
Setting changes from New York to a rural, country side. The setting then changes again back to New York. Adrian takes his drugs and gives the intruder an ultimatum: bring me your daughter or don't get your drugs back. Coincidentally, the intruder's daughter is Lindy Owens. When Adrian finds this out, he decorates the third floor of his house with colors and furniture that Lindy would like. At first, Lindy is hostile towards Adrian. She does not want to be in the house and thinks of Adrian as a kidnapper. Slowly, Lindy warms up to Adrian and as they spend more time together, Adrian thinks he might have a chance at turning back into his old self. Adrian falls in love with Lindy but is not sure how Lindy feels about him. When at the log cabin Adrian owns, Lindy expresses how worried she is about her dad. Out of the kindness of his heart, Adrian allows Lindy to leave and go back to her father. Sure that he will never be human again, Adrian returns to the city to wait out the last few months he has before being a beast forever. On the final night of the two years he was given, Adrian calls out to Lindy hoping she would answer back. She doesn't. Adrian then asked the mirrow to see Lindy, and when it showed her, she was crying for Adrian to come save her. Adrian took off, not caring if anyone saw him. After running away from city folk that tried to kill him, Adrian reaches Lindy. Adrian fights off Lindy's attacker but ends up being wounded. As he lays there bleeding, Lindy says she loves Adrian and kisses him. With that, Adrian is turned back into the human Kyle Kingsbury. Symbols/Motifs The roses in Beastly function as a motif and a symbol. Three different color roses appear in Beastly: white, red, and yellow.
Each rose stands for something different and are used in the book based on what they mean. White
Innocence, purity
Associated with marriage and new beginnings
Asked for by Kendra as a corsage, given to Lindy so it didn't go to waste
Two petals from the rose represent the two years Kyle has
Given to Magda
Joy, friendship
Placed in Lindy's room
Love, romance
Beauty, perfection
Adrian hoped to give one to Lindy eventually

The roses are symbolic of Kyle and Lindy's relationship. Each of the three roses mentioned in the book directly correlates to Kyle and Lindy's relationship. The first rose Kyle gave to Lindy was a white rose. Though the rose was not intentionally meant for Lindy, Kyle still gave it to her. White represents new beginnings and when Kyle gave the rose to Lindy it began their unlikely relationship. The next color roses Lindy recieved were yellow. Yellow represents friendship and joy. Yellow roses were given to Lindy over the course of many weeks and throughout those weeks Lindy and Kyle became good friends. The last rose Kyle wishes to give to Lindy is a red rose. Red represents love and romance. Though Lindy does not get a red rose in the book, the relationship between Lindy and Kyle does become love. Another antagonist is Kyle's old attitude towards people. Kyle must overcome this to change from a beast back to a human. Kyle Kingsbury has the perfect life: money, looks, popularity. When Kyle decides to play one of his classmates, Kendra Hilferty, he is told he needs to change his ways and to realize looks aren't everything. To help Kyle achieve this, Kendra Hilferty turns Kyle into a beast and gives him two years to find someone to truly love him. At first, Kyle is extremely angry with Kendra for changing him and tries in vain to find a doctor that could fix his "disease". All Kyle wants is to change back into his old self. When his vain attempts to turn back fail, he becomes sad and isolated. His father puts Kyle in his own five story house with the maid becaue he does not want to deal with Kyle. Kyle only wants a computer and a tutor. While in the house he continues to try and find someone to love him by using social networks. When told by Kendra this will not work, he slowly starts to accept that he might be a beast forever. To help Kyle, Kendra gives him a magic mirror to look at the lives of his old friends whenever he wants to. One day when using the mirror Kyle sees a girl named Lindy Owens. Kyle is intrigued by her and watches her for a while but soon forgets about her. A year later, Kyle decides to change his name to Adrian because he believes it suits him better. Around the same time, Kyle, now Adrian, catches an intruder in his home.
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