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Renewable Energy


Rod Hardesty

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Renewable Energy

Disadvantages Disadvantages Advantages Advantages Solar Wind Renewable
resources Pros and Cons Energy Sources Hydro Geothermal Biomass Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages Disadvantages Advantages Coal Advantages Disadvantages Oil (petroleum) Disadvantages Advantages Natural
Gas Advantages Disadvantages Propane Advantages Disadvantages Nuclear (uranium) Advantages Disadvantages Renewable
No Pollution
Reduces fossil fuel usage Noisy / visual to area
Threat to wildlife
Only suited for certain areas No pollution or greenhouse gases
Predictable and constant
Water reservior Initial cost
Disturbance of habitat
Can effect farming
Disturbs natural waterway No pollution
Reduces fossil fuel usage
Cost saving Not available everywhere
Not transportable
High installation costs Reliable
Powerful and efficient
Cheap to buy (uranium)
Lowers greenhouse gases Nuclear waste
Nuclear radiation
(impact on humans and animals)
Nonrenewable Renewable
Available throughout the world
Biomass crops use carbon dioxide and produce oxygen
More efficient and cleaner than fossil fuels Produces some greenhouse gases
Crops not available year round
Takes alot of land
Energy is used to harvest plants Cheap
Abundant in U.S.
Burns easily Nonrenewable
Produces a great amount of carbon dioxide
Health issues (black lung, asthma)
Acid rain
Environmental impact (strip mining) Nonrenewable
Produces air pollution
Oil spills
Environmental impacts (oil rigs) Widely and easily used worldwide
Used for gasoline
Powerful energy source and easily combustible
Easy to mine because its a liquid
Used in everyday products like plastics, lotions, makeup Nonrenewable
Pollutes the air (greenhouse gases)
Dangerous to handle and transport Cheap
Relatively abundant
Gas appliances are faster and cheaper than electric ones
Cleaner than coal or oil Cheap
Easily transportable
Long history of safe use
Few fumes More expensive than other resources
Can cause explosions/fires
Nonrenewable Nonrenewable
resources No Pollution
Long lasting solar (photovoltaic) cells
Low maintenance Initial cost
installation area
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