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Grade 7 Master Prezi

Study here for Grade 7 quizzes and exams

Asim Khan

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of Grade 7 Master Prezi

Know the plot of the Taming of the Shrew as well as these study questions and vocabulary words:
1. How is a 'suitor' different than someone who 'courts' you?
2. Why didn't Baptista Minola want Bianca to marry?
3. Give two reasons we know that the Minola family is rich.
4. Why does Petruchio behave badly after he marries Katharina?
pester bouquet obedient permission
torment complain ridiculous
Shakespeare's Secret Study Questions
Chapter 1
1. Describe Hero and Beatrice.
2. What are the names of all the places they have lived? Describe their current setting.
3. Who are Kate and Lindsey? Describe them and their relationship to Hero.
4. Why is Hero worried about tomorrow?
5. Describe Hero and Beartrice's parents.
6. Who is Mrs. Roth?
Mood in literature:
-The feeling you get when you read a story.
-The feeling an author brings about in a story using different scenes, situations, words, or styles.
Exam II Study Area
Shakespeare's Secret
Know these characters
Chapt 1, 2
Hero Netherfield
Beatrice Netherfield
Kate and Lindsey
Mr. and Mrs. Netherfield (Hero's parents)
Miriam Roth
Arthur Murphy
Chap 1 Plot Summary
Hero Netherfield is with her sister, Beatrice, in their new home. She is worried about how the first day of school will go tomorrow. She knows that she is not beautiful like her older sister and won't be able to fit in with anyone. Beatrice tries to make her feel better but doesn't succeed. Hero's mother comes into the room and tells Hero to return a pair of pruning shears to their neighbor, Mrs. Roth. Hero doesn't want to go but eventually does.
Chap 2 Plot Summary
Hero meets Mrs. Roth in her overgrown garden. They talk about Hero's name as Mrs. Roth picks flowers for her to take home. Mrs. Roth talks about the previous owner of Hero's new home, Arthur Murphy, and how it is believed that he has hidden a large diamond somewhere on the property. Before Hero can hear more about the story, Beatrice calls her home.
Vocabulary Chap 1
edge (n): the outer limit of an object
ceiling (n): the top wall of a room
cluster (n): a group of things
admire (v): to respect or to love
identical (adj): the exact same
manuscript (n): a book written by hand
weird (adj): unusual
shimmer (v): to shine
indifferent (adj): without care or interest
hurl (v): to throw
Bonus question clue
Understanding Inferences
-To infer something means to take what you know and make a guess.
-To make conclusions based on information that you already know.
-To make an educated guess based on facts.
-To make connections.
Examples of Inferences
-If the sky is grey, you can infer that 'it will rain.'
You will NOT infer that 'it is Wednesday.'

-If your best friend is not in school, you can infer that 'he is ill or on vacation.'
You will NOT infer that 'he moved to another country.'

-If it is the last day of summer, you can infer that 'tomorrow is the first day of school.'
You will NOT infer that 'tomorrow it will snow.'

-If someone fell off their bike, you can infer that 'they lost their balance.
You will NOT infer that 'they have never ridden a bike before.'
Examples of Mood in Literature
-sad mood: the puppy died.
-happy mood: the children laughed at the clown.
-tense mood: the soldier waited quietly in the dark as the enemy slowly approached.
Try to identify three moods in this clip
Chap 2 Study Questions
-What does Mrs. Roth talk about with Hero?
-What is the most interesting thing Mrs. Roth tells about Hero's house?
-Who is Arthur Murphy?
-How are Arthur Murphy and Hero's father similar?
Elements of Literature

-The sequence of events that make a story.
-The beginning, middle, and end.
-Each event is connected to the next (or other)
The Five Parts of a Plot
1. Exposition
-the beginning, start, introduction of the story
-we learn about:
-the time and place
-we usually learn who the protagonist is
-we may learn the conflict in the exposition.
2. Rising Action
-this is when the protagonist suddenly has a conflict that needs to be resolved.
-the protagonist is suddenly faced with a problem, struggle, or conflict.
-this is the largest part of any fiction.
-it is the main reason you read the book or watch the movie.
3. Climax
4. Falling Action
5. Resolution ( also called the Denouement)
Taming of the Shrew
Know these characters
Baptista Minola
Parts of the Exam
Shakespeare's Secret Chap. 1,2
-comprehension (short answer)
-identify who is speaking
-chapter 1 vocabulary

Taming of the Shrew
-comprehension (short answer)
-L.I.S. pg 8, 16, 24 study questions

-know everything after the
Five Genres of Literature

Bonus Questions (5%)

PET Listening (10%)
-to take place in class the week after the exam
Chapter 3 Summary
Hero gets off the school bus and meets a young boy named Aaron. Aaron cannot find his classroom and asks Hero to help him. Hero finally finds his room and is late for her own class. When she enters Mrs. Vanderley's class a red-haired girl tells her that 'Hero' is her dog's name. For the rest of the day she is teased about her name and finally gets on the bus to go home. While getting on the bus, the red-haired girl apologizes.
Exam III Study Area
Chapter 3: New characters
Mrs. Vanderley
Red-haired girl
Chapter 4 Summary
After school Hero goes to Mrs. Roth's house and learns more about the diamond. She learns the following things:
1. Arthur and Eleanor Murphy had a centuries old necklace with a walnut-sized diamond.
2. The diamond had been passed down to Eleanor through the Vere family (Eleanor's last name before she married).
3. The Vere family descended from nobility. This means that Eleanor's family had high positions when Kings and Queens ruled England.
4. The necklace was too expensive for the Murphy's to insure. So they only insured the diamond for one million dollars.
5. Eleanor became ill with cancer and the only treatment available for her was in Mexico. The health insurance company refused to pay for it. Eleanor refused to sell the necklace to pay for her treatment.
6. One day the diamond (not the necklace) was stolen. The thief had taken it off the necklace and didn't steal anything else from the house.
7. The police and insurance company believed that Arthur Murphy faked the robbery in order to get one million dollars from the insurance company.
8. When the police could not find the diamond, the insurance company finally gave Arthur Murphy one million dollars. But it was too late. Eleanor had died before the money was given.
9. Arthur Murphy sold the house and moved away because he couldn't live there without Eleanor. Everyone believes the house still has the diamond hidden in it somewhere.
Chapter 4 New Characters
Eleanor Murphy
Chapter 5 Summary
Hero comes home and talks to her father about Eleanor. Her father tells her that Eleanor is descended from Edward de Vere, a nobleman during Queen Elizabeth and William Shakespeare's time that could possibly be the real author of Shakespeare's work! He gives reasons and makes comparisons between Shakespeare and Edward de Vere (see the comparison chart below). Before going to sleep, Beatrice and Hero talk about how their first day at school went.
-A simple merchant with a basic education.
But the plays use advanced English and mention details about royal families.
-Had not traveled much.
But the plays talk about travels around Europe.
-When he died, nothing much was written about him.
How is this possible since he's considered one of the greatest writers in English history.
-There are no records left behind in his own handwriting. No books or documents. Only six signatures of his exist today.
Other great writers had libraries full of books written by them. Their original works are still widely available. How is it possible that Shakespeare's work is nowhere to be seen.
Edward de Vere
-a man of nobility.
-traveled a lot.
-well educated.
-a favorite of Queen Elizabeth.
-many events of his life resemble events in Shakespeare's plays.
-his personal Bible has notes in it that are similar to lines in Shakespeare's plays.
-he left behind many literary documents.
-he was a well known poet and playwright but no works have been ever published in his own name.
some people believe Edward de Vere used the name 'Shakespeare' to publish his own work. They believe that Edward de Vere is Shakespeare!
Chapter 6 Summary
Hero avoids everyone at school the next day and doesn't get teased as much. After school she found the three tough looking boys standing at her bus stop. Two boys had Aaron's hat and weren't returning it. The third blond boy was standing on the side and watching. Aaron was shouting and crying to get his hat back. Hero learned that the blond boy's name is Danny Cordova and the other boy is Aaron's brother Ben. After getting Aaron's hat back, Hero walks to Mrs. Roth's house. Danny walks with her and is very friendly.
Chapter 6 New Characters
Danny Cordova
Ben (Aaron's older brother)
Parts of the Exam
Since the previous exam we have spent much of our time on writing. Therefore, there isn't much else besides Shakespeare's Secret.

1. You should know what has happened in chapters 1-6.
2. If I give you a character's quote, you should be able to identify who is speaking.
3. I will give you a choice of essay questions (ex. choose 1 out of 3 OR 2 out of 4).
4. You should be able to tell me things about each character. (ex. Who is Ben's brother?)
5. You should be able to connect the elements of literature (plot, setting, mood, etc.) to this story.
6. You should know the vocabulary words.
7. You should know inferences.
Top Ten Reasons Shakespeare was a Fraud
Exam Study Questions
1. What is the plot of chapters 3-6

2. What are some of the reasons people believe that Edward de Vere wrote all of Shakespeare's plays?

3. What are some of the reasons people believe that Shakespeare didn't write his own plays?

4. How are Shakespeare and Edward de Vere different?

5. How is Eleanor's death connected to the lost diamond? How was Arthur Murphy involved?
Bonus Question Clue
Exam V Study Area
Chapter 7 Summary
Hero and Danny go to Mrs. Roth's home. Hero learns that Danny's father is the police chief and that Mrs. Roth did not agree with his father about different things in the Murphy investigation. Hero realizes that Mrs. Roth has not shared everything with Danny.
Hero goes home to find that Beatrice and all the grade 8 girls are attracted to Danny.
Why doesn't Mrs. Roth tell everything to Danny?
Chapter 8 Summary
After school the next day, Hero goes again to Mrs. Roth's home. Now Hero has realized that Mrs. Roth has not shared all the secrets with everyone. At the end of the chapter Mrs. Roth takes out the necklace from a box. Hero sees that the large diamond is missing.

-Describe Mrs. Roth's house from the inside.
Chapter 9 Summary
Hero is fascinated by the necklace. She finds the initials 'AE' on it which Mrs. Roth had not noticed. Hero learns that Mr. Murphy gave it to Mrs. Roth because she was Eleanor's only friend. There is a note on the front and back of a card from Arthur Murphy. Hero decides to use the words on the card as clues to finding the diamond. Mrs. Roth gives her "The Complete Works of Shakespeare" before she leaves.


-Describe the necklace.
-What does the poem on the back of the card mean?
-What plan does Hero have after deciphering the clues on the note?
Chapter 10 Summary
On the weekend Hero tries to get a day alone in her own home. But before her parents leave, her father sees her drawing a picture of a bird that she had found next to the initials AE on the necklace. Not knowing where Hero found the image, he explains that it the Pembroke falcon; the sign of Anne Boleyn.
Chapter 11 Summary
Hero's father explains to her the life of Anne Boleyn and how she was wrongly accused and eventually executed by King Henry VIII. Hero realizes the initials are not 'AE' but instead 'AB' (Anne Boleyn). Just after this the house is empty and Hero is free to search for clues.
Using her father's books, Hero studies the life of Anne Boleyn. Next, she searched every wall and corner of the house all afternoon. She found nothing so she went and sat outside where she saw Danny roll up on his skateboard.
She talks to Danny and begins trusting him with her knowledge of the diamond. He tells her that four detectives couldn't find the diamond inside and outside of the house. Danny convinces Hero to go with him to visit his father's office at the police station where they can look through the Murphy file.

-How does Hero's feelings toward Danny change? Why?
-What do we know about Anne Boleyn?
Chapter 12 Summary
Danny and Hero go to the police headquarters. In Danny's father's office they discreetly begin searching for the files. At the headquarters Hero learns more about Danny.

-Why did Danny get suspended?
-What do we know about Danny's mother?
PET/KET Preparation
1. Speaking
-the importance of conjunctions
-using your partner to your advantage
-working together with your partner
-pausing to think
Using your Partner to Your Advantage
If your partner is quiet, take over the conversation. It becomes your opportunity to excel.
But ask questions to your partner. If they cannot answer it, you can continue with a longer answer.

If your partner is talkative, ask questions to increase the amount of conversation. This also gives both of you more things to talk about.
The Importance of Conjunctions
and, or, but, so, because, also
-these conjunctions will really help you lengthen your answers in the speaking part.

Topic: Food
What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is pizza.

My favorite food is pizza because it is made of many different ingredients and so it makes it more delicious. So this is why I'm always eating pizza. Also, I like to drink cola with my pizza because it makes the pizza taste better.
Working Together With Your Partner
-Basic tips for speaking
1. Do not say ANYTHING in Turkish.

2. Give your partner a chance to speak. Take turns speaking.

3. Add more information (using conjunctions) only on personal questions (ex. Do you enjoy studying English?). Do NOT add extra information for factual questions (ex. What is your name?)

4. If you don't understand a question you could say:
a."Could you please tell me the meaning of ____"
b. "Could you please rephrase the question."
c. "Could you ask me the question in a different way."
(It is better to be clear about what the question is than to answer a question incorrectly.)

5. When you are asked to discuss a picture with your partner, you should agree with each other in the end.
Pausing to Think
If you need time to think about an answer use phrases like:
-"Hmm... let me think."
-"Thank you for asking."
For more online practice go to these free websites:

Or pay a small amount at:
The answers are:
B, C, A, C, B
Now practice writing:
There is a concert in the park near where you live, and you are going there on Sunday.
Write an email to your friend Jerome. In your email, you should:
invite Jerome to go to the concert with you
explain what kind of concert it is
say why you want to go there

Write 35 to 45 words on your answer sheet.
Checklist for Short Letter Writing Part:
Is your answer the correct number of words?
Did you answer all three content points?
Did you write in the correct tense?
Did you use proper punctuation?

If you answered 'yes' to all the questions, you should have no problem on this part of the PET.
Wrte an answer to one of the questions in this part.
Write your answer in about 100 words on your answer sheet.

Question 1
This is a part of a letter you receive from an English penfriend:

"I'm not sure what to do in the school holidays. My uncle has offered me a job in his bookshop, but I don't know if I want to work all summer! I know you worked in a shop last summer. What was it like? What do you think I should do?"

Now write a letter, answering your penfriend's question.

Question 2
Your Egnlish teacher has asked you to write a story.
The title of your story should be, "The Unopened Box"
Checklist for the Story or Letter Writing Part
Does the answer have the correct number of words?
Are verb tenses used correctly?
Do the sentences start with a variety of different words?
Are punctuation and capital letters used correctly?
Are there any spelling mistakes?
Does the asnwer show a range of structures and vocabulary?
Does the answer stay on topic?
If the answer is a story, does it have a beginning, middle, and end?
If the answer is a letter, does it open and close with a suitable expression?
7A Splits
Efe +1
Tibet K +3
Cevahir +2
Derin +2
Cansu +2
Asli +3
Cagla O 0
Dila -2
Yigit P -2
Hamiyet 0
Cagla A +1
Cagla K +1
Osman +1
Tibet A 0
Erol +4
Berk 0
Tuna -2
Sureyya -2
Berke 0
Murat +4
Beste -2
Ilayda +3
Tunc -1
Mert S +2
E.Melisa -3
Baris +1
Alinsu -1
Bilhan 0
Demet +2
Deniz +1
Idil +4
Sedat +1
Emirhan +1
Mert Y +4
Halil +1
Caglar +2
Elif +4
Minel +3
Muge 0
7B Splits
Jan Marc -1
Ege -4
Emir +3
Nur 0
Talya -3
Yigit B -1
Zeynep 0
Melisa C +3
Selin +2
Atakan +4
Ece +2
Pelin Su +4
Can 0
Kaan 0
Yaprak -2
Defne +2
Alp +2
Cem -1
7C Splits
Chapter 13 Summary
While looking for the Murphy case file, Danny's father walks in and questions Danny and Hero. Hero asks him about the Murphy investigation and learns that Mrs. Roth is also a suspect. Before Hero and Danny leave, Mr. Cordova tells them that Mrs. Roth was Mr. Murphy's first wife.
Chapter 14 Summary
New Characters: Kelly - Beatrice's friend

Danny goes to Hero's home with her after leaving Mr. Cordova's office. At the front of the house Kelly sits by Beatrice and asks Danny why he was hanging out with Hero. Danny's response angers Hero and so she leaves him outside and goes into her own home. In the house Hero and her mother talk. Hero asks her mother why she was given the name 'Hero'. Hero also asks her what she should do about a friend (Mrs. Roth) that has lied to her.

What does Hero's mother tell her about the name 'Hero'?
Chapter 15 Summary
The next morning Hero finds Mrs. Roth outside her house. Hero asks her why she didn't tell her that Arthur Murphy had been her husband. Hero accuses Mrs. Roth of lying and begins shouting at her. Mrs. Roth leaves sad and shocked by Hero's words.

Soon after, Danny comes to Hero's house and discovers that Hero had an argument with Mrs. Roth.
Chapter 16 Summary
Within a few days all the kids at school had started teasing Hero because she was seen hanging out with Danny. One day Aaron proudly told her that he finally learned to read and read her name written all over the walls of the boys' bathroom. Hero felt bad but started wondering what bad things might be written about her.
Chapter 17 Summary
After not talking to Mrs. Roth for several days, Hero finally goes to her house and apologizes. Mrs. Roth tells Hero why she became good friends with Eleanor after she and Arthur Murphy divorced. She also tells Hero that Arthur and Eleanor never had children, but she and Arthur had adopted a girl named Anna. Anna had problems with her mood and ran away when she turned 17 years old. This devastated Arthur and Mrs. Roth and ended their marriage.
Years later Mrs. Roth received a postcard from Anna saying that she had gotten married and had a baby.

Hero then showed Mrs. Roth the picture of the bird that she found on the necklace and told her that it was the symbol of Anne Boleyn. She also told her that the AE is actually AB.
The two of them wondered how or why Anne Boleyn's necklace came into the hands of Edward de Vere since they were not related.
Together Hero and Mrs. Roth read the last words of Anne Boleyn before she was beheaded at the age of 29. In her last words she forgives everyone that wrongly accused her.

What did Anne Boleyn say in her last words?
Chapter 18 Summary
Danny shows up at Mrs. Roth's house and also learns about Mrs. Roth's daughter Anna. They talk about the value of the diamond and what they would like to do with a million dollars.
Hero shares that she is upset about the writing on the bathroom walls. Danny tells her that he will get rid of it tonight by sneaking in through an unlocked window and spray painting it black. Mrs. Roth tells him not to do such a thing.

What do Mrs. Roth and Hero know about the necklace that they have not told Danny?
-What do we learn about Anna (Not Anne Boleyn)?
Hamlet (Exposition)
One night at Elsinore Castle in Denmark the ghost of King Hamlet appears. Horatio, the best friend of Prince Hamlet tells him to go see the ghost of his father.

When Prince Hamlet comes to meet his father's ghost, the ghost reveals that his wife, Gertrude (Prince Hamlet's mother), was unfaithful to him. He also explains that his brother, Claudius (Prince Hamlet's uncle), murdered him by pouring poison in his ear while he slept.

The ghost of King Hamlet tells Prince Hamlet to get revenge for his murder.
Prince Hamlet decides to act mad and investigate further; vowing to kill his uncle if the ghost is telling the truth.
Hamlet Study Questions
1.What is the setting of the exposition?
2.Who does the ghost look like?
3.Who is Horatio?
4.Why does the ghost refuse to speak to the guards?
5.How did Hamlet’s father die?
6. Who is the antagonist?
7. What does the ghost want from Hamlet?
8. What is the main conflict of the story?
9. Why does Hamlet pretend to be mad?

Please study page 10, 11, and 19 to get a better understanding of the story.

Rising Action
Falling Action
Plot Diagram
Rising Action
Falling Action
Plot Diagram
The Five Parts of a Plot

(You should know the last three for this exam)
1. Exposition
2. Rising Action
3. Climax
-the point of highest intensity.
-the point when the protagonist overcomes his/her problems.
-the part of the story where the protagonist finishes the conflict.
4. Falling Action
-when loose ends are answered.
-any new events that happen after the protagonist overcomes the conflict.
5. Resolution ( also called the Denouement)
-the final result of everything that happens in the climax and falling action.
-the end result of the story as seen through the eyes of the protagonist.
= +5 behavior points
= -5 behavior points
= 100% on Exam
You Win!
Exam VI Study Area
Shakespeare's Secret
Chapter 19 Summary
Hero talks to her father about the connection between Queen Elizabeth and Edward de Vere. They talk about how Edward de Vere could have been Elizabeth's favorite because he actually wrote the plays by Shakespeare or maybe because they were in love with each other. Hero also learns more about the last moments of Anne Boleyn's (Elizabeth's mother) life. Hero's father gives her another book to learn more.
While studying the book Hero talks to Beatrice about problems at school. Beatrice tells her to admit to everyone that she's friends with Danny. This is how she will become accepted by all the other students.
Chapter 20 Summary
New Character: Mrs. Rivnor - The school principal

At school the next day Hero is called into the principal's office. Mrs. Rivnor questions Hero about black paint that was sprayed in the boys bathroom to cover some writing. She also tells her that anymore bullying must stop. Hero is happy that she does not request a meeting with her parents.
Chapter 21 Summary
Later that day Hero thanks Danny as she is on her way to Mrs. Roth's house. When she arrives there, she finds a very excited Mrs. Roth. Mrs. Roth shows her a picture of Queen Elizabeth wearing a necklace with a missing jewel. She also shows Hero a poem written by Anne Boleyn scratched on the window of her prison with a diamond.
As they sit together they realize that Edward de Vere could have actually been Queen Elizabeth's secret child. And this would be the reason he could never have claimed to be the author of all of Shakespeare's plays.
-the creation and development
of a character in a story.
-Writers show what a character is like
by describing what they say and do.
Give examples from the book
about a character's personality.
-Thoughts and feelings
-Characters' motivations.
-Direct comments from author or narrator

Use your notes to understand direct and indirect characterization.
How an author develops a character.
Think of an alien from
another planet.
Think of a famous
shark character.
To be, or not to be: that is the question

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them?

To die: to sleep;
No more; and by a sleep to say we end
The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
That flesh is heir to,

'tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish'd.

To die, to sleep;
To sleep: perchance to dream:

Ay, there's the rub;
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause.
The real problem is whether I should continue to live or not.

What is it better to do? To tolerate a terrible destiny or to fight and end our problems?

Or is it better to die and, because death is like sleep, end all our worries and pain?

We certainly hope our end, our death, is like this

But maybe, if death is like sleep, then we will dream.

Yes, this is the problem.
What dreams will we have when we have finished with our troubles?
This makes you stop and think.
Shakespearean English
Modern English
Take a look at the characteristics of some characters
Exam Details:
Date: 23 May - Thursday

Shakespeare's Secret:
-Chap 19-22 (including 22).


-Know the plot of the whole story.
-Be able to change/explain the Shakespearean English of the "To be or not to be" soliloquy into Modern English.
(This can be found on page 32-33 in your Hamlet book as well as below in this Prezi.)

-direct vs indirect characterization
-Static vs Dynamic Characters
-Internal vs External conflict
-How these things relate to Characters in Shakespeare's Secret and Hamlet.

*Sucess on this exam will really depend on the quality of your notes.
To Be Or Not To Be
Class Performance
Chapter 22 Summary
Danny comes by to Mrs. Roth's house and Hero asks him about his mother. She learns that Danny's mother left when he was only five years old to become an actress. Since she left for California, Danny thinks it's because she got tired of being his mother. Later, Mrs. Roth shows Arthur Murphy's note to Danny and they think that perhaps the clue says that the diamond is hidden with a light bulb on the ceiling.
Make up Exam: May 30, 2013
What will be on this exam?
-Twelfth Night (Love in Shakespeare)
-Taming of the Shrew (Love in Shakespeare)
-Romeo and Juliet (Love in Shakespeare)
-Elements of Literature (part 1-6 in notebook)
-Shakespeare's Secret (chap 1-22; including 22)

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