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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapters 38-41

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Parker Pagano

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapters 38-41

Quotes Chapter 40
"we was all glad as we could be, but Tom was the gladest of all because he had a bullet in the calf of his leg,"(Twain 274).

Quotes Chapter 39
" He said if he ever got out this time he wouldn't ever be a prisoner again, not for a salary," (Twain 266).
Basic Events of chapter 39
When they go to capture spiders, and snakes young Thomas Phelps let the animals out in the house, which causes Aunt Sally to scream and jump on top of her bed.
Jim tries to stop Tom from putting the animals in the bed with him but Tom doesn't care.
Three weeks later, they have finally sawed the leg off the bed, even though it wasn't needed, and almost got sick from eating all the sawdust to hide the evidence.
While this has been happening, Silas been writing letters to the supposed owner of Jim
Because he hasn't gotten any letters back, he starts advertising around to see if any body is interested
Huck knows they have little time before it gets back to Miss Watson.
Basic Events Chapter 40
Aunt Sally and Uncle Silas are surprised by the mysterious letter, so they sent Tom and Huck to bed
Later that night, Huck sees local farmers with guns in the front of the house, so he runs to tell Jim and Tom
The men attack the shed, Jim, Huck and Tom escapes through the hole they cut through the wall.
Tom hit the fence and made a noise so the men shot at them as they ran, they make it to the canoes but Tom was shot in the leg

Tom tells Jim to carve inscriptions on the wall before he escapes, because that's how people did it in the books he read.
He then makes up a coat of arms for Jim to draw, along with several "mournful inscriptions" such as: "Here a captive heart busted" (Twain 258).
In order to make the last few days of Jim's stay as enjoyable as possible, they decide they need some spiders, rats, snakes, and anything and everything that bites, itches, or even scratches, that will help them stay awake.
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 38-41
Quotes Chapter 38
"'Look at Lady Jane Grey,' he says; 'look at Gilford Dudley; look at old Northumberland! Why, Huck, s'pose it
considerable trouble?-what you going to do?- how you going to get around it? Jim's
to do his inscription and coat of arms. they all do.'" (Twain 257)
Basic Events Chapter 41
Leaving Tom and Jim on the island,Huck went to find a doctor and sends him to Tom in the canoe.
Huck runs into Silas and he takes him home,the home is filled with farmers and wives discussing Jims shed and the hole.
they conclude a group of robbers must have tricked the Phelps's and their friends as well as the original desperadoes who sent the letter.
Sally refuses to let Huck out t find Tom or "Sid" since she has already lost Sid she doesn't want to lose another boy.

Friendship- Huck takes his friendships very seriously, when it comes to either hurting Aunt Sally by leaving by going to help Tom he doesn't know what to do at first.
by Parker Pagano & Shelby Thacker
Basic Events Chapter 38
Quotes Chapter 41
Questions Chapters 38-41
Characters Chapters 38-41
"I knowed he was white inside, and I reckoned he'd say what he did say- so it was all right now,and I told Tom I was a-goin for a doctor,"(Twain 275)
Analysis- Huck says Jim is white inside meaning that Jim actually cares. Huck told Tom he was going to find a doctor to fix his wound.
Analysis- Toms pants got caught in the fence causing the robbers to hear them and shoot. Tom got shot in the leg, but he was happy he had this wound and not something more serious.
"I couldn't get him to let me stay and wait for Sid; and he said there warn't no use in it and I must come along, and let Aunt Sally see was all right,"(Twain 278).

Analysis-Aunt Sally had a long talk with Huck about how she misses Sid so much and for him to never hurt her. Aunt Sally was very upset and Huck didn't know what to do, go help Tom or stay with Aunt Sally. Huck couldn't hurt her even more than she already was.
Analysis- Huck runs into Uncle Silas and he takes him back home. Huck felt bad because he wanted Aunt Sally to know he was alright.
"And twice I went down the rod away in the night, and slipped around the front, and see her setting there by her candle in the window with her eyes towards the road and the tears in them,"(Twain 282).
Why does Huck feel so bad for Aunt Sally?
Analysis- Tom is trying to explain to Huck that there is no way Jim can get around drawing his inscriptions. He has to just like the other famous prisoners in the books Tom has read.

"Tom's voice trembled whilst he was reading them, and he most broke down. When he got done he couldn't no way make up his mind Which one for Jim to scrabble onto the wall, they was all good; but at last he allowed he would let him scrabble them all on,"(Twain 259)

Analysis- While Tom was reading off all the possible inscriptions Jim could write on the log he began to get choked up. When it was time for him to pick one he couldn't make up his mind, so he told Jim he would just have to write them all.
Analysis- At this point Jim is sick of being a prisoner and just wants to leave. Once he gets out of this place he never wants to go back, you could pay him to be a prisoner and he still wouldn't.
"So, Tom he wrote a nonnamous letter, and I smouched the yaller wench's frock that night, and put it on, and shoved it under the front door, the way Tom told me to," (Twain 268).
Analysis- Tom wrote a letter to scare Aunt Sally, all in the greater plan to help Jim escape. Huck dressed as a servant girl when he delivered it and slid it under the front door.
Why does Tom write the letters anonymously?
Doctor- old man, very nice
Aunt Sally & Uncle Silas (Phelps)- Tom Sawyers aunt and uncle, good people nice and civilized
Family- when Huck and Tom go to Aunt Sally's and Uncle Silas' they take Huck in just like their own nephew and treat him just like Tom even when hes not related at all.
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