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Science, Tech and Invetions of the Great Depression Era

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Madison M

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Science, Tech and Invetions of the Great Depression Era

Although phones existed not many people had them in their homes and most communication was by letters
In 1930 transoceanic phone lines connected Chile, Argentina and Uruguay to the rest of the world

When the prices declined during the great depression, radios became affordable for all...by the year 1933 60% of all U.S. households owned a radio for informational and entertainment purposes
FM radio was invented to compensate for the limitations of AM radio by: Madison MacLachlan Science, Technology and Inventions during the Great Depression Era Intro- The Great Depression Era Scientific Discoveries Technological Advances Great Inventions 1929-1939 Many great inventions were born during the great depression era, here are just a few of the many.... Silly Inventions Here are a few of the things that should have never been invented... The first long trip of an automotive is completed
The jet engine is invented
The first helicopter is built

Due to the rise in popularity of vehicles for transportation, NYC became the first city to install traffic lights. Best Invention of All Time... The Chocolate Chip Cookie!!! The Great Depression was an extraordinary economic downfall that began with the crash of the stock market and ended with the start of WW2. It was an era marked by poverty and unemployment. However these conditions and the technological advances for the first world war and the years before, sparked innovative inventions and discoveries. The Roaring Twenties 1920-1929 Also referred to as the Golden Twenties, were years of social, cultural and technological rebirth after WW1. This era sparked social change, musical and artistic diversity and numerous inventions. Some of these include:
Automobile industry
Radio and sound recording
Movies and film World War 1 1914-1918 Technology was on the rise due to the necesity of warfare and war materials. Some of the products of this race to arms are submarines, tanks, wireless communication, aviation improvements and sonar communication.

After the war industries sprung to make these new technologies available to consumers through commercial production. 1929- Suggestion that Earth's magnetic field shifts
1930-Geological timescale+Theory of chemical bonds + Pluto discovered
1931- Radio astronomy+ First electron microscope
1932-Discovery of the neutron
1935-Magnitude scale for earthquakes
1937-Discovery of citric acid cycle
1938-Nuclear reactions in stars
1939-Discovery of nuclear fission In 1933, Ruth Wakefield, accidentally created the beloved chocolate chip cookie. She was trying to make her recipe for chocolate cookies by cutting up a chocolate bar and putting the chocolate chunks in the dough. However, the chocolate didn't melt as planned...thus the chocolate chip cookie was born! The Car Radio The Game Monopoly 1935 Monopoly was invented by Charles Darrow, an out of work engineer who was struggling to make ends meet during the depression. He created the game and presented it to the Parker Brothers who originally declined his offer. However, after it sold 5,000 sets in a department store the company changed it's mind and bought his patent. 1930 The car radio was invented by two brothers Paul and Joseph Galvin who needed new revenue for their company Galvin Manufacturing after the stock market crash. Ford was the first to offer cars with radios installed and the rising popularity persuaded the company Galvin Manufacturing to change its name to Motorola. The Digital Computer 1937 The digital computer was invented by George Stibitz while he was working at Bell Labs. It was able to solve problems by processing information, data, letters and symbols. Its primary use was to calculate binary addition. The Baby Cage? Baby Holder... Dog Restrainer Shower Cap + Sunburn Helmet Automotive Communications Entertainement An overview of the state of technology and advances of technology during the Depression era... The discovery of Pluto 1930 On February 18th 1930, Clyde W. Tombaugh discovered Pluto at an observatory in Arizona. Magnitude scale for earthquakes 1935 Charles F. Richter created the Richter scale in 1935. This new invention permitted seismologists to measure the strength of earthquakes based on their seismograph recordings. Discovery of Nuclear Fission 1939 Scientists discovered nuclear fission while experimenting with Uranium reactions. Otto Hahn of Germany won the Nobel-Prize for discovering nuclear fission. This discovery would later lead to the productions of the nuclear bombs during WW2. The invention of the photocopier lead to paper media (Newspapers and magazines could be mass produced and became more popular)
Magnetic sound recording allowed for the first cassettes and records
Cinema and film became more popular as companies like Fox, MGM, Warner Bros., and Paramount emerged- One of the great films of this time was Gone With The Wind (1939)
Radio was the best means of advertising during these days
David Sarnoff began developing the television, in 1937 there were 17 experimental channels and then was introduced to the public in 1939...However it's development was halted by WW2 until the late 50's Stock Market Crashes! Beginning of The Great Depression Conclusion The scientific discoveries, technological advances and inventions of the great depression era opened the door for the creation of the everyday devices we use today. Try to imagine a world without computers, cell phones or chocolate chip cookies!!!
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