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Copy of The Reason That Canada East Shouldn't Join Confederation

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Moiz K

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of The Reason That Canada East Shouldn't Join Confederation

Canada East Joining Confederation Reasons Why Or Why Not... Thoughts About Confederation Our thoughts about Confederation are that there are pros and cons about the importance of Confederation. Supporting Reasons to not join Confederation Montreal is the largest city in all of British North American colonies and is developing as the economic capital and transportation centre. Our population would grow and more people would want to be near transportation. Reasons not to join Confederation We have decided not to join Confederation This Prezi was made by, Moiz, Quentin, Lizzie and Sarah Kay. Pros of Confederation Cons of Confederation Pros of Confederation:
More land space
More money
Bigger population
Bigger government Cons of Confederation:
We would lose our pride in wealth
Montreal wouldn't be our largest city in Canada East because it would be considered largest city in all of the colonies that would join together in Confederation This Line Graph shows the population growth from 1831 to 1861
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