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Life of Rukmani

English 2 novel project

Amani Naimah

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Life of Rukmani

Nectar in a Sieve By Amani Rashad Life with Nathan Nectar in a Sieve Chapter 5 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 4 Chapter 3 Life with Nathan About Rukmani Beginning of a New Life Beginning of a New Life The Life of Rukmani Rukmani is the daughter of a village headman. Her family was wealthy. Due to their money Rukmani's sisters had big weddings and gave big dowries. She is the youngest of them all. Big lavish weddings are what every Indian girl dreams of. Since Rukmani was not considered beautiful like her sisters and her family did not have money left over for her marriage, she was forced to marry a man below her social status. Rukmani is married to a tenant farmer, Nathan. She meets three of the women in the village that she just moved to. Rukmani was taught by her father to read and write. She is the only one in Nathan's village who is literate. This worries her because he pays twice as much as Old Granny, so she stops selling to her. Kenny returns to village. Work begins in tannery. Her friend Janaki leaves village .
Muslims and more tannery officials come to village. More buildings are built. After 5 years, her daughter is returned. Irawaddy's husband claims she is barren. By Kamala Markanday Things start to get bad for Rukmani when her family becomes poor. Unfortunately for Rukmani she did not have the wedding of her dreams. Her sisters that were married before her used up all of the family's wealth on their weddings and dowries. Nothing was left for Rukmani. She meets Janaki, Kunthi, and Kali. They teach her the way of the village. Rukmani and Nathan live in a mud hut. This makes her sad until she finds out Nathan built it by his own hands all by himself just for her. Chapter 2 Kunthi's baby is born and Rukmani is pregnant. Nathan is upset with Rukmani for staying out so late, so she cries. Her parents visit and her first daughter, Irawaddy, is born. Rukmani's mother is dying. A white doctor, Kenny, comes to the village to ease her death. Rukmani gives birth to Arjun and many more. Biswas starts buying produce from Rukmani. A tannery is built. It has many effects on the village. Irawaddy turned out to be a very beautiful girl. She is maturing fast and is being closely watched by Rukmani and Nathan. Boys are starting to look at her. Chapter 6 Irawaddy becomes married and moves out in month of June. Chapter 7 Monsoon season and a flood is rising. People have no food. Rukmani finds fish in rice paddy and vegetables began growing. She sells to one of the Muslim women. Arjun is taught to read and write. Arjun and Thambi are going to work at tannery. Rukmani buys clothes for the first time. Chapter 10 Deepavail Chapter 11 Death in Nathan's family Kenny fixes Irawaddy and she becomes fertile. Kunthi confronts Rukmani.

Rukmani has a baby boy, Kuti. Chapter 12 She sees Arjun and Thambi less often. They get into trouble at work. Her sons move to a tea plantation in Ceylon. Marugon is working for Kenny. Chapter 13 There is a drought and crops are not growing. Nathan cannot pay rent to Sivaji. They are forced to sell personal belongings. After the Flood Chapter 14 The land is restored. Rukmani and Nathan have nightmares. Kunthi comes for food. Rukmani and Nathan become truthful. Nathan is father of Kunthi's sons. Family starves Chapter 15 Raja dies. Chapter 16 Kuti could die. Rukmani almost kills her daughter. Irawaddy is a prostitute. Harvest after death of Kuti Chapter 18 Kunthi spreads rumors about Rukmani and Kenny. Ira is pregnant Chapter 19 Selvam is working with kenny to build hospital. Chapter 20 Irawaddy gives birth to Sacrabani. Chapter 21 Old Granny dies of starvation. Chapter 23 Murugan is married. Nathan suffers from rheumatism. Their home is being sold. Chapter 24 Rukmani and Nathan leave village. They are fed at a temple and their belongings are stolen Chapter 26 Nathan and Rukmani set out to find Murugan, but they found out her abandoned his wife and kids. The New Village Chapter 27 The End of The Book Rukmani makes money from reading and writing. Puli comes for the money they owe him. Puli, Nathan, and Rukmani try stonebreaking. Chapter 28 Nathan has an attack from his sickness during a monsoons. Nathan dies. >:-( :'''( Rukmani takes Puli to her village and cares for him like her own child. They all live happily ever after.
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