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Poetry Presentation Assignment

No description

Ryan Horn

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of Poetry Presentation Assignment

To Christine
By Susan Forde I wish I could tell you
That you're not too fat
That you're fine the way that you are
That you're pretty enough
And you don't have to wear punishing heels
I wish I could make you believe
That you don't have to starve yourself
Or add to your chest
To fit this year's fashions.
And I wish I could tell you,
To love yourself as much as you love him.
You don't have to make yourself
Into his ideal
The real you is worth so much more.
But I am only one voice,
Against so many
The magazines with diets and makeovers
That you read
The fairy tale your mother read you,
Where the mermaid gave her voice
To be what the prince wanted.
Oh, I wish I could make you listen
But I'm only one voice
Drowned out by so many. Poetic Devices Alliteration:
The repetition of the initial consonant sound in a series of words

"To fit this year's fashions"
"Against so many
The magazines with diets and makeovers" Personification:
Human qualities are attributed
to inanimate objects

"And you don't have to wear punishing heels" Allusion:
References to events or characters in history, myth, religion, literature, etc.

"The fairytale your mother read you,
Where the mermaid gave her voice
To be what the prince wanted." Type of Poem The poem, "To Christine" is a
free verse poem. This means that it does not follow any particular format or rhyme scheme Conflict The central conflict in the poem is person versus society. The main character, Christine is changing herself to fit in with today's changing society. She does things like starving herself, wearing uncomfortable clothes, and magazine makeovers to try and meet other people's expectations. Mood The mood of the poem
is sad and depressing. Christine
is doing everything she can to make herself 'perfect', but she never feels good enough compared to everyone else. Theme The theme of this poem
is that you should accept yourself as you are, and to not try to change yourself for someone else. You are perfect just the way you are, and you don't need to change at all.
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