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Fanny Packs Coming Back

No description

Chad George

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Fanny Packs Coming Back

Double click anywhere & add an idea The Fanny Packs Coming Back The Fanny Pack Is Coming Back The Fanny pack, also referred to as a belt back; belly bag; buffalo pouch; Hip sack; hip pouch; or Bum bag, Hit there peak in popularity during the 80’s and 90’s. They started out as a tourist accessory for convenience and to help cut down on pit pocketing. fanny packs are extremely practical
conveniently located at the mid section
can be worn on the rump, side, or front or a person
offer many different pockets that can differ in size

A fanny pack is not heavy and it puts the wait on your hips, which does not take as much wear and tear as your neck or shoulders.
Used as holsters for storing loaded handguns. Many maufactures make fanny packs that are designed for concealed carry
Fanny packs, regardless of what you may have heard, are very fashionable. We live in a time where practicality, being healthy, and simplicity are fashionable. Not only are they practical, healthy, and simple, but they also come in many shapes, colors and sizes. There is a fanny pack for every occasion! GET YOURS TODAY!
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