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The History of the Trailblazers

Owners, arenas, championships, best teams, my own dream team, each player individual (childhood, highschool, college teams, stats, awards)

Jake Hansel

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of The History of the Trailblazers

History of the Trailblazers Most Successful Coaches Jack Ramsay Rick Adelman Mike Dunleavy Jack Ramsey became the Blazers fifth coach in 1976 and coached them until 1986. During his time here, he had a total of 453 wins and 367 losses which is a .552 winning percentage. Under him, the Blazers won playoffs 59 games. In one of his first years of coaching, he led them to the NBA Finals beating Philadelphia. This would be the only championships the Blazers would win to this day. He also made it the playoffs eight times after this. The players on the team at the time of the Championship were Corky Calhoun, Johnny Davis, Herm Gilliam, Bob Gross, Lionel Hollins, Robin Jones, Maurice Lucas, Lloyd Neal, Larry Steele, Dave Twardzik, Wally Walker and Bill Walton. The next best coach for the Blazers was Rick Adelman. Before he became he head coach, he was an assistant under Jack Ramsey. Rick Adelman became the Blazers seventh coach in 1988 and he coached them until 1994. During his time with the Blazers, he had 291 wins and 254 losses which is a very good winning percentage of .654. (The best percentage out of every coach of the Blazers) Under him, the Blazers won 33 playoff games. Unlike Jack Ramsey, he never did win the NBA Finals but made it twice losing to Detroit and Chicago. The best player that Rick Adelman ever coached on the Blazers was Clyde Drexler Three years after Rick Adelman left the Blazers, Mike Dunleavy took over in 1997. He then coached them until 2001. During his time here, he won 190 games and lost only 106 leaving him with a .642 winning percentage (The second best winning percentage of anyone who has ever coached the Trailblazers). He also went on to win 18 playoff games and won the coach of the year in the 1998-1999 season. Even though these players Today, everyone thinks that the Blazer games were always played in the Rose Garden, but all of the coaches before 1995 (including Jack Ramsay and Rick Adelman) coached somewhere else because it hadn't opened yet. This place is right next to the Rose Garden and is called the Memorial Coliseum . The Rose Garden was opened in 1995 to hold a lot more people and it gave the Portland Winter Hawks its own place to play (the Memorial Coliseum). The Memorial Coliseum could only hold around 12,000 people and the Rose Garden can hold 20,000. To this day, the Blazers play here. The current roster of the Blazers is LaMarcus Aldridge, Damian Lillard, Nicolas Batum, Wesley Mathews, Meyers Leonard, J.J Hickson, Victor Claver, Joel Freeland, Luke Babbit, Nolan Smith, Jared Jeffries, Elliot Williams and Ronnie Price. The current coach is Terry Stotts and the current owner is Paul Allen. Paul Allen Terry Stotts My "Dream Team" My "Dream Team" Even though the Blazers have only won one championship, they have had some amazing basketball players in the past years. Five Best Trailblazers of all time Clyde Drexler Maurice Lucas Terry Porter Geoff Petrie Bill Walton Clyde Drexler Maurice Lucas Terry Porter Bill Walton Geoff Petrie Clyde Drexler Drexler was born June 22, 1962 and in his early years attended Ross Sterling High School. Here he played baseball and basketball but then quit baseball his junior year to focus on basketball. When Drexler graduated in 1980, he was recruited by the University of Houston. Many people did not like this because they thought he wasn't good enough to play at this school. He later proved his worth when he led Houston to the Final Four two straight years then making it to the NCAA Championship. He then left for the NBA draft as a Junior and was drafted by Trailblazers as the 14th overall pick. Over his entire career, he averaged 20.4 points per game, 5.6 assists per game and 6.1 rebounds per game. Clyde Drexler had many achievements over his years of playing basketball but some of the most amazing ones were winning an NBA Championship with the Houston Rockets, being a 10-time NBA all star, winning an Olympic gold medal and finally, being inducted the the Hall of fame. Maurice Lucas Lucas was born February 18, 1952 and in his early years attended Schenley High School in Pittsburgh After high school, Maurice Lucas was recruited to play college basketball at Marquette by Al Mcguire. He Played here for Two years making it to the NCAA championship in one of them but not winning it. Maurice Lucas started his professional career in the American Basketball Association. Eventually, he left this league for the NBA and was drafted by the Blazers. Throughout his NBA career, he averaged 14.6 points and 9.1 rebounds. Maurice Lucas had many achievements over his career of basketball but the most fantastic ones were winning an NBA Championship with the Blazers and being a 5-time NBA all star. Terry Porter Porter was born on April 8, 1963 and he went Milwaukee's South Division High School. Here he played prep basketball as a forward. After high school, Porter attended University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point. Luckily, he was able to get noticed in such a small school and was invited to the Olympic Team Trials. In 1985, he entered the NBA draft and the Blazers selected him as the 24th overall pick. Throughout his NBA career, he averaged 12.2 points and 5.6 assists. Terry Porter had many achievements through his career as an NBA basketball player which included being a two time NBA all star and winning the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award. Geoff Petrie Petrie was born on April 17, 1948 and attended Springfield High School in Pennsylvania. After Petrie graduated High School, he attended Princeton to play college basketball. He was very successful here and even made it the NCAA Division 1 Basketball Tournament as an Ivy League team . The Blazers drafted Petrie in 1970 as the 8th overall pick. The only NBA team he would ever play for is the Blazers and he throughout his career here he averaged 21.8 points and 4.6 assists. Geoff Petrie had many amazing achievements throughout his years as a Blazer but the best ones are being a 2 time NBA all star and a NBA Rookie of the Year. Bill Walton Walton was born on November 5, 1952 and he went to Helix High School. Here, Walton became the first and only high school player to ever make the USA Senior Men’s National Basketball Team. After graduating high school, Walton enrolled in UCLA in 1970. Here, he was coached by John Wooden and won 2 NCAA Championships. He also was named NCAA player of the year three years in a row. Bill Walton was one of the best centers the NBA ever had an its not surprising he has so many achievements through his years in the league. These achievements include being a two time NBA champion, two time NBA All-Star, and NBA most valuable player.
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