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Becoming Culturally Responsive Citizens

No description

Larry Mikulcik

on 16 November 2017

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Transcript of Becoming Culturally Responsive Citizens

Work with Teachers/Staffs
individual staff workshops and local PD
Treaty Education
2008 Mandatory Treaty Ed.

Citizenship Education
2014 Citizenship Ed. Resources introduced to support K-12 Soc. St./History
Following Their Voices
culture affirming program
Blanket Exercise
Cultivating the Mindset
by Villegas and Lucas
involve students in the Blanket Exercise to gain a greater understanding of the relationship between Indeginous and non-Indigenous peoples
Celebrating National Aboriginal Day!
Serving and Recognizing Service
hosting a Poppy Tea to recognize service and sacrifice for our Rights and Freedoms
Becoming Culturally Responsive Citizens

Teaching Treaties in the Classroom and Treaty Essential Learnings (TELs)
We are all Treaty People!
Catalyst Teachers from each school trained
Catalyst Teachers lead training of teachers in their own schools
Rights, Responsibility, Respect
Lead Teacher for each school to promote integration of resources into daily practice
Develop and promote:
Thinking, Identity & Interdependence, and Social Responsibility
enhances teacher - student relationship
creates safe, well-managed learning environment
to raise First Nation, Metis, and Inuit participation and achievement
A Saskatchewan initiative!
Calls to Action!
Truth and Reconciliation Commission
implementing 'Calls to Action' that relate to public school education
connect through "Following Their Voices"
teaching about:
aboriginal peoples
aboriginal history
residential schools/their legacy
aboriginal ways of learning
intercultural understanding
mutual respect
Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
Initial training
principals and Treaty Ed. Catalyst teachers attended CRP training Sept. 30, 2015
in turn they trained their staffs
Wicihitotak (Working Together) Mar. 3, 2016 'Citizenship Education is Culturally Responsive' Citizenship Ed. Lead Teacher Workshop
Culturally Responsive Educators
1. Socio-cultural consciousness
2. High Expectations
3. Desire to make a difference
4. Constructivist approach
5. Deep Knowledge of our students
6. Culturally Responsive teaching practices
learning to serve in local organizations
sharing with the community
Understanding many faiths
learning about faith and spirituality practiced by others
Culture Days!
giving students an opportunity to share their culture through music, food, dance, history, presentations...
Ukrainian Celebration Day
Drake School
Culture Day
Viscount Central School
Culture Day
Watson School
Board of Education
We value safety, caring and respect for self & others
We value equity and fairness
We value life-long learning
We value effective communication & productive partnerships
We value optimism and the celebration of success
Several of the Horizon values that support Cultural Responsive Pedagogy
4 of 14 Horizon Board of Education members are First Nations
Annual Holocaust Symposium
“Thou shalt not be a victim, thou shalt not be a perpetrator, but, above all, thou shalt not be a bystander.” ― Yehuda Bauer
Theoren Fluery Speaks to Horizon Teachers, Administrators, and Staff
starting the year off by creating a mindset of understanding, acceptance, and most of all, becoming ready to take action!
We acknowledge that we are on Treaty 6 land
Cultural Excursion
Nokomis School visits George Gordon
connecting with OUT Saskatoon
Creating an Awareness and Understanding
of the LGBTQ Community
including OUT Saskatoon in school culture days
connecting students to Holocaust (Shoah) survivors
creating human rights champions who are upstanders, not bystanders
Connecting culture through literacy
author Sigmund Brouwer and former NY Islander Brian Trottier at Punnichy Community High School for book launch
Digital Awareness and Digital Safety
ensuring the safety of our students in the digital world
providing tools to protect against student exploitation
bringing staff and parents up to speed on how to protect our youth
develop protocols and connections within Horizon School Division
Support for Truth and Reconciliation
Calls to Action
curriculum/resources on history and legacy of the residential schools
best practice in teaching about residential schools
intercultural understanding, empathy, and mutual respect
teacher training needs for the above
implementation and integration of Citizenship Education Resources into daily practice
Number 63-Commitment to Aboriginal Education
support of all outcomes in the K-9 Curricula
inquiry based lessons
empathetic, ethical, empowering
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