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Nuclear Power

No description

7th period Saravia

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of Nuclear Power

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What is Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is a non-renewable energy source
Is stored inside atoms and is released by fusion or fission.
fusion is adding two nucleus to make a bigger one
A fission is splitting the atom of uranium
Fun Facts
The power that it produces meets the standards of our country
unlike other energy sources (wind,solar) nuclear don't depend on the weather conditions
It also doesn't give off harmful carbon dioxide
When properly used emits less radioactivity than a coal fired factory
In 31 countries there are over 430 commercial nuclear power reactors
56 countries operate about 240 civil research reactors
16 countries depend on nuclear power
13.4% of the world's electricity is from nuclear
USA has 100 reactors and 5 under construction
Europe has its own Atomic Energy Community
How does it work
Nuclear Power
A single uranium pellet contains as much energy as 480 cubic meters of natural gas.
USA is the largest producer of nuclear power
Nuclear technologies have many uses, including powering Mars rovers
The world produces as much electricity from nuclear energy as it did from all sources combined in 1960
Nuclear Accidents
Radioactive Pollution
There is a Long Construction Time and cost
Nuclear waste disposal
The melt downs which can hurt the people and the land for a long period of time
Water pressure and temperature can cause explosions

Where is nuclear power used
Nuclear energy works by splitting 2 atoms of certain elements
Uranium is the favorite element to fuel nuclear energy
This splitting creates massive heat which heat the water to create steam to turn the turbines to create electricity
hi lol
Work Cited
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Ways To Expand Nuclear Energy
Upgrade old reactors instead of building new ones
Focus on some, don't build so many that its hard to control
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