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Navajo Indians (from powerpoint)

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Vanessa Cervantes

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Navajo Indians (from powerpoint)

What is it like for the Indians on the reservations now?

The area where they live is very dry and very desert-like so they live spread out in order to be able to find water resources for everyone in their reservation.
There has been some issues with their water systems.
The Navajo Nation just recently had their elections.
The Navajo Nation president just recently approved a tax on junk-food.

Current Issues
Code Talkers
Buffalo and Horse Culture
Bison were important to them for food and shelter.
The women had many freedoms.
The first Navajo Indians lived in the western part of Canada.
They originate from a group of Indians called the Athapaskans.
Artwork, Jewelry, Blankets, Rugs
Important Facts
The standard diet consists of mutton, fried bread, vast quantities of coffee with sugar and goat milk.
When they were first introduced to coffee beans, they tried frying them, but since the flavor wasn’t very pleasant, they made a porridge with the coffee beans.

Traditions, Ceremonies, Foods
Where is their current reservation?
Their reservation is called the Navajo Nation. It is currently the biggest Indian Reservation in the United States with over 200,000 habitants throughout their 27,000 acres.
The Navajo Nation takes up part of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado.

Current Reservation
What part of the US are they located in?
They are located in the Northwestern Part of New Mexico, Northeast Arizona, Southeast Utah and Southwestern Colorado.
The area in which they now live in is very small compared to what they used to have years before the New World was discovered.
By Vanessa Cervantes
Navajo Indians
The Navajo Indians lived in Hogans
Hogans are made of wooden poles, tree bark, and mud. They are 8-sided and the doors face east.
There is two types of Hogans; Winter Hogans and Summer Hogans.
The summer hogans are completely open from one side.
The winter hogans are built more weatherproof with mud, and partly stone.

Type of Housing
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