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IHRM in a Host Country Context

No description

Sarah Tsoulis

on 25 May 2015

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Transcript of IHRM in a Host Country Context

IHRM in a Host Country Context
IHRM Trends and Issues
Sarah Tsoulis 17159517
Ebony Tolcon 10000000
Josh Dilabio 15842310
Demi Scarfone 10000000
Strategic Recruitment
Standardisation of Work Practices
Host-country culture and workplace environment
Role of HR manager in IHRM
Difference between perceptions of HRM in developing countries VS developed countries
Implementing HRM in developing countries
Lecture Content
Catholic Relief Services
Case Study
International Human Resource Management
Selection Activity
Class Discussion
Any Questions?
Select the most suitable candidate for the position.
Give reasons as to why you have selected them.
Barbra Carlino
Mariana Fernandes
Franklin Smith
Mariana ?
Barbra ?
Franklin ?
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