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Are video games considered mass media?

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Era Kurtaliaj

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Are video games considered mass media?

Are video games considered mass media?
The same as books, films etc. video games, are promoted by media. They need the media to be spread out, gain popularity and therefore they become bits of information. Moreover, they have to be designed and targeted for a certain audience which links them crucially with the concept of media and mass media. To exemplify what I just said I can mention the release of
“Call of Duty: Black Ops”
in November 2010. The event had been advertised on billboards, buses and television for weeks.
Chrysler even produced a commemorative version of its Jeep.
We also have online games, which in a way on another bring people together and require share of information. It is a good analogy to compare it with facebook-ing only in a different aspect. An example therefore would be
World of Warcraft (WoW) a role play game where people can communicate and interact, share information all over the world.
Are video games considered mass media?
So, in a nutshell videogames have the main purpose of entertaining, but according to my opinion they are explicitly and irrevocably linked with mass media in some different aspects.
But this remains a very debatable and therefore interesting area.
Lastly, bot more importantly there is a very big possibility to abuse games and use them
as mind controlling tools
. In this case it becomes more dangerous since its mostly influencing
young ages
. To substantiate what I just claimed I would like to mention
“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”. The game’s basics present US as the world savior and the greatest power against terrorism, which is of course a debatable issue.
Considerable Areas

In conclusion, since games are now very broadly spread, it is up to us to be unbiased and responsible users.
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