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Hannah Taylor

No description

Fatima Ali

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Hannah Taylor

Hannah Taylor
Hannah wanted to make a difference in the world by helping the homeless. She wanted to teach people that the homeless people are just like any other. She also believed that no one should live without a roof over their head. So, she wanted raise enough money for the homeless so they have shelter and warm food. Hannah also wanted to make an organization that would provide the homeless with shelter and food.
Hannah didn't face many challenges. But when she was 6 she saw a homeless man and felt bad for him, so she decided to do something about it. When she was in grade 1, she organized a bake sale with her class and gave all the money they raised to an organization that provides shelter & food for homeless. Hannah got food jars and painted them like ladybugs. She put out the jars in schools, stores, businesses and gave them to the people in the community so they can donate money. She talked to the "Big bosses" that ran companies so they could help out with The Labybug Foundation. By the time Hannah was 8, she had already started The Ladybug Foundation.
Hannah looked up to Rick Hansen, because he never gave up. When Rick Hansen was younger, he broke his spinal cord and that led him to paralyze his legs. He became an Olympian even after his injury. Which was a big accomplishment for him. He also talked to Hannah if she got too overwhelmed with everything,
The ladybug foundation raised 1 million dollars in the first 5 years. Hannah got what she wanted to achieve and that was to help the homeless by, giving them shelter and food, she believes that everyone has equal right's.
Hannah got a nobel prize for helping other children
Future leader award
National Film board made a documentary on Hannah

Hannah got awards that were sponsored by cooperation's, this award was only given to 25 people, Hannah was selected from a 1000 nominees.

I think her actual reward was non-tangible because she felt good about helping others

Heroic Characteristics

Hannah is
enough to speak in front of people about her own view and stands up for the homeless people
Hannah wanted to find out a way to help the homeless people and she did by starting The Ladybug Foundation, so shes
determined & caring



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