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Positive Behavior and School Rules

No description

Troy Martin

on 18 August 2015

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Transcript of Positive Behavior and School Rules

Positive Behavior and School Rules
School Rules
Important information you need to know:

Vista Verde Middle School’s Rules and Procedures can be found in your Binder Reminders.
Dress Code
It is important students dress in a safe, modest fashion. Decisions regarding student appearance are made in the best interest of students
Bullying - No Tolerance
Bullying occurs when one or more students threaten, harass or intimidate another student through words, or actions including:

Final Thoughts and Helpful Information
When you are absent you must either have your parent call to report your absence or bring a note to the office.
You must be in your class, in your seat, and ready to begin when the tardy bell rings.
School starts at 7:30- This means in the classroom by 7:30!!!

It is extremely important that you
are here every day.
3rd and subsequent offense: Lunch Detention, Friday School, Community Service, On Campus Intervention, Attendance Contract, and Activity Exclusion List

2nd offense: Teacher Referral - Detention
1st offense: Teacher Referal - Warning
Perfect Attendance:

Weekly Cougar Tickets
Monthly Drawings
Semester rewards.
No TV’s, electronic games or cartridges, IPods, CD Players, MP3 Players, cameras, video cameras, pagers, PSP, DS
Must be in backpack and turned off until the end of 7th period
Cell Phones
May be used in classrooms with teacher permission if school related. Not Texting or Calling
Not ever allowed on campus
Guns, knives, or any type of weapon
Drugs, Alcohol, or Tobacco Products
“Any other object that is determined to detract from the educational process.”
Definitely Not Allowed on Campus
No Kissing
No arms around shoulders
No Squeezing

Hands off Policy
Self Defense
Mutual combat

No Fighting
No low cut shirts or showing undergarments or Pajamas
No Spaghetti Strap Tops- no exposed under garments
No midriff, No tummies, No off the Shoulder Sleeves
No Short Shorts or Skirts
No emblems, printing, lettering or pictures related to: Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol, Profanity, Sex or Gangs on anything at school
No jewelry/accessory that creates a safety hazard.- Anything with spikes is not allowed!
No Flip Flops
All sandals must have a heel strap
Hats, Beanies, and Hoods may never be worn inside the classroom.

Hats need to always be worn correctly with the bill facing forward

No "Do" Rags or Bandanas allowed
Hats and Head wear
Suspendable Offenses
Possession of Weapons, Look-alike weapons (Knives, broken glass, lighters, BB Guns, etc.)
Disrespect/Defiance to Staff
Fighting* (3-5 day suspension) on or off campus Prefight Behavior*
Hate Crimes*
Terrorist Threats*
Theft* or Possession of Stolen Property*
Damage to School or Personal Property* Possession and/or use of Alcohol, Tobacco, and/or Drugs
Selling Drugs
Selling items on Campus (candy, candy bars, phones, etc.)
*law enforcement may be called and reimbursement may be required
No Slapping, kicking, scratching, pushing, playing tag, biting, or inappropriate hitting games.

Items will be confiscated
and sent to the office to be picked up by parents
All bikes, boards, and scooters must be locked up in the bike rack before school.

If you can't lock it up, don't bring it!
Bikes, Boards, and Scooters
Mrs. Arce - Principal

Mr. Martin - Assistant Principal
Names to Know
Ms. Johnson

Ms. Kenefick
Mr. Mark

Ms. Daniela
Campus Security
Direct contact such as hitting or shoving

Verbal assaults such as teasing or name calling

Socially isolating or manipulating a student

Writing/posting threats or harassment on the internet or through cell phone text messages.
Cyber Bullying

Inform a teacher
Peer Mediation
Inform your counselor (Room 501)
Tell a staff member (Security or someone from the office.)
Talk to your parents and have them call us.

What Can I Do?
Bullying, cruelty, bias, and hate-motivated behavior will not be tolerated.

Your safety and success is important to all of us.

You have the power to create and promote a school where cruelty and bullying are not tolerated.

Here at Vista...
Principal, Mrs. Arce
Assistant Principal, Mr. Martin
AP Secretary, Ms. Garcia
Administrative Designee
Administrative Detentions are 2-hours long, 2:30-4:30
If you cannot attend an Administrative/Friday detention, parent must call before the detention in order to reschedule.
Suspensions means that you cannot be on this or any VVUSD campus while on suspension.
20 suspensions will result in recommendation for Expulsion

Office Discipline
All students must wait in the main quad or in the lunch area.

Students may not loiter in front of the school or go to their classes before school begins.

Before School
Students should go home after school ends unless they are involved in a staff-monitored activity (Detention, Drama, Tutoring, After School Program, etc.)
Please make “going home” arrangements with your parent/guardian BEFORE you arrive at school.
The office phones will not be used the first ten minutes after school has been let out.

After School
All Students must be in the lunch area during their lunch.

Be Respectful to Cafeteria staff and other staff.

THROW AWAY YOUR TRASH!!!! Do not throw food or any other item.


Leave all valuables at home.
Do NOT carry large sums of cash.
Do not share lockers or combinations.
Do not leave your things unattended.
At lunch, if you are eating in the Hot Food Line, pick up your backpack as soon as you get your lunch.
It is best not to borrow things from friends or let them borrow items….unless you have your parents’ permission.
If someone is giving you a phone, bike, iPod, large sum of money, or some other expensive item.....Don’t take it! It might be “hot” and you could get into trouble!
This also goes for someone giving you many bags of candy!!!

Friendly Reminders
Have a great year Cougars!
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