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Sister Irene McCormack

No description

Nyandeng Thuc

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Sister Irene McCormack

Sister Irene McCormack Infomation 1. When and why did Irene become a Sister of St. Joseph? At the age of 15 she decided that she wanted to become a nun because she wanted to serve the sick, She joined the sisters of St Joseph 1956 What kind of ministry work did Sr. Irene do? She taught in school in the country parts of Western Australia Sr Irene also provided library facilities to poor children, who had no chance of obtaining books to aide in their school homework 1. When and why did Irene become a Sister of St. Joseph? Where did Sr. Irene work? She worked in schools in Western Australia and Huasahuasi - a poor mountain village in Peru San Juan de Miraflores, Lima and Santa de Perola in Distrito de San Martín de Porres When was Sr. Irene martyred? On the evening of 21 May, 1991 Why was Sr Irene martyred? A terrorist group called ‘Shining Path’ invaded the village and subjected Irene to a trial in the village square. Irene was accused of being a 'Yankee imperialist' and managing the Caritas foodstuffs, a form of aid for the poor of which they disapproved How was Sr. Irene martyred? She was shot Why is Sr. Irene considered a "martyr"? Because she was martyred (when a person is killed because of their religious beliefs Find at least 3 different images of Sr. Irene McCormack.
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