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Copy of Basketball Template

No description

cody stephenson

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Basketball Template

Iowa Hawkeyes schedule 2015-16
Their first game is against Gardner-webb (20-15), then Coppin state (12-20), then Marquette (13-19), then Dayton (27-9), then FSU (17-16), then UMKC (14-19), then Western Illinois(8-20), then Iowa State (25-9), then Tennese Tech (12-18) then it is the start of the big ten conference schedule. First it is Michigon State (27-12), then Purdue (21-13), then Nebraska (13-18), then Michigon State (27-12), then Michigan (16-16), then Rutgers (10-22), then Purdue (21-13), then Maryland (28-7), then Northwestern (15-17), then Penn state (18-16), then Illinois (19-14), then Indiana (20-14), then Minnesota (18-15), then Penn state (18-16), then Wisconsin (36-4), then Ohio state (24-11), then Indiana (20-14), then finally Michigan (16-16).

Nichloas Baer, Anthony Clemmons 4.8, Brady Ellingson 1.9, Andrew Flemming, Mike Gessell 7.4, Brandon Hutten, Peter Jok 7.0, Dale Jones, Isaiah Moss, Steven Soukup, Michael Soukup, Dom Uhi 2.1, Okey Ukah 0.2, Jarred Uttoff 12.4, Ahmad Wagner, Christan Williams, Adam Woodbury 6.6.
Will the Iowa hawk eyes make the NCAA tournament this year
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