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Take Your eLearners to the Library!

No description

William Hemmig

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Take Your eLearners to the Library!

3 Tutorials...
Take Your eLearners to the Library!

Bill Hemmig, Dean, Learning Resources and Online Learning (bill.hemmig@bucks.edu)
Margaret Montet, Information Literacy Librarian (margaret.montet@bucks.edu)
Bucks County Community College

Creating the Program
What We Learned
What We're Doing Now
Two primary elements:
Assignment-driven video tutorials
Dedicated library research discussion topic
The Assignment...
The Discussion...
We recruited instructors at first, but not for long.
Results of the Pilot:
No student posts to the discussion.
Students only viewed tutorials they thought they needed.
Instructor was pleased with the students' research.
Tutorials on resources...
Tutorials on specific tasks...
Summer 2008:
1 Communication
1 Literature
1 Psychology
Fall 2008:
1 Composition
1 Psychology
Spring 2009:
2 Composition
1 Psychology
1 Integration of Knowledge
Summer 2009:
2 Communication
1 Psychology
Tutorials: Screencasts, Captivate, video
Fall 2009:
2 Communication
1 Composition
1 Psychology
Only full-time librarians can embed.
Part-time librarians can create tutorials.
Two librarians work together in summer courses.
Fall 2011...
Spring 2009...
video and Voki
Learning Objects
"Just for Me"
Students are Mobile
Inside the CMS: Discussion
Spring 2010:
3 Communication
2 Composition
Course Instructors
can need frequent updating
useful in other contexts
Work out the parameters of your involvement in advance.
Make it easy for instructors to request the service.
Students only use what they think they need, unless it's required.
Make opportunities to engage the students.
Some students prefer to communicate privately.
Keep mobile use in mind.
LibGuides are mobile friendly.
New Challenges
Collaborating to Create Scaffolded Content...
Mini-tutorial (via Screenr):

Week 1:
Week 2:
Week 4:
Work with the course instructor to reach out to at-risk students.
Embedded eBrarians in F2F Classes
Media Literacy
Higher Demand
Creative Writing Collaboration
Comp 2 Collaboration


Summer 2015
Fall 2015
Spring 2016
Summer 2016
Fall 2016
Spring 2017
3 Composition
5 Communication
3 Composition
10 Communication
5 Social & Behavioral Science
1 Business
Winter Intersession 2015/16
3 Communication
6 Composition
8 Communication
2 Social & Behavioral
3 Law
2 Business
2 Integration of Knowledge
1 Nursing

5 Composition
3 Communication
4 Composition
9 Communication
1 Social & Behavioral
5 Business
1 Integration of Knowledge

Winter Intersession 2016/17
1 Composition
1 Communication
5 Composition
2 Communication
2 Social & Behavioral Science
(Forgetful Course Instructors)
One Instructor, Multiple Sections, Modular Sections, Multiple Modalities
Embedded eBrarians in (new) OER courses
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