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The Eastern Bluebird

The Cheerful Missouri State Bird

Richard Roloson

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of The Eastern Bluebird

The Eastern Bluebird
Sialia Sialis
Foraging Behavior
o Tends to forage in open areas

o Is a conspicuous hunter from a distance

o Prefers insects, small spiders

o Known to eat fruit as well
Identifying Characteristics
o A small thrush bird in the Turdidae family

o Round head, plump body, and alert posture

o Males are a deep blue in color with rusty throat and breast

o Females are of same description but duller in color
Reproductive Ecology
o Males will "court" females by perching and fluttering wings

o Females build nests; males bring materials

o Nests are made in nest boxes or natural cavities

o Up to 3 broods each nesting season; 2-7 eggs per brood

o Eggs are a pale blue or white (rarity)
o Original habitats include forest openings and beaver ponds

o Current habitats are pastures and open country with little ground cover

o Common in back yards with nest boxes
Common Behaviors
o Perches on objects most overlooking open fields

o Territorial birds; males will chase other males at high speeds

o Nest holes are defended against threats including sparrows, swallows, and robins
Environmental Response
o Known as a "cheerful" bird; song is low-pitched and warbling

o Flocks of up to 50 will huddle during colder months to stay warm
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