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Professional Basketball Player


Incarnation Catholic

on 3 June 2016

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Transcript of Professional Basketball Player

Catholic Vocation
While you are doing this you need to do something when you are retired or another job. By doing this I would give some of my money to help little children in need.
There are not really any specific classes that you need to take in High School or college. You just need to pick classes that you are good at and also enjoy. If you pick a class that you do not enjoy, you probably wont get a good final grade in that class. You just need to get good grades.
if you get good grades and perform well in High School and college, you will have a great chance to succeed in life. If you stick to your game, maybe you can be a legend like Jordan, or Lebron, or Kobe. Just stick to your dreams, work hard, and you will accomplish them.
What you need to do this
1. Coordination

2. Athleticism

3. Good Shot Form

4. Be in good physical condition

5. Have Handles

There are many great Division one college University's to go for basketball. This is a list of some of the best known basketball colleges.

1. University of North Carolina
2. Duke University
3. Kansas University
4. Michigan State University
- https:/msu.edu/
5. Villanova University
6. Louisville University
Professional Basketball Player
If you want to be a professional athlete you must stick to your goals and never ring the bell or give up.
Once I am retired I will keep on playing
basketball for fun and also start mu own
basketball fundamental camp for kids.
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