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Panama: The Age of Imperialism

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tori d

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Panama: The Age of Imperialism

The Positive and Negative Effects of the Panama Canal *Panama is located in Central America. It is located between Colombia and Costa Rica. *Spain wanted Panama because it had plenty of gold and gems. The gold would help Panama's economic systems and the gems were for the Kings and Queens to wear.
*The United States was interested in Panama access to trading. Having a canal go to the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean would save time and money. Why They wanted Panama? The Positive
*Panama gain independence
* It set up a new trading path for the world to use
*Makes shipping easier
* Made Panama economy and tourism grow
* Created new jobs for Americans, Panamanians, and many more
The Negatives
*Many people died during the construction of the canal
*The United States were to involved in Latin American conflicts
*Sanitation problems for the workers environment By: Victoria Diaz Panama:
The Age of Imperialism Who wanted Panama? Spain and the United States wanted Panama. *The Spanish-American War was a four-month conflict between the United States and Spain caused by the Spain brutality in Cuba. The war was largely brought about by the expansionists of the United States. Americans supported the idea of freeing the people controlled by the Spanish. At the end of the war, America emerged victorious with a new respect as a world power.
*By the Spanish-American War, Panama gained its first Independence The Spanish-American War Before the "True" Panama Canal *In 1882 the French started to build a Canal across Panama.
*Building the Canal, the French ran into many problems ,like diseases (malaria and yellow fever) and financial problems
*The canal was never finished by the French
*22,000 people died The United States interest in the Canal *1889 the United States wanted to build a canal in Nicaragua or Panama
*The United States liked Nicaragua and started construction there, but soon after construction it ended due to the lost of funding
*The French wanted the United States to by their equipment and to finish building the canal
*Nicaragua was less expensive at the time, the French's original price was $100 it was later reduced to $40 which was about the same price as Nicaragua Working on the Panama Canal *Since malaria and yellow fever were such a big problem in Panama, Dr. William Gorgas, got rid of it by killing the mosquitoes that carried it
*The workers drained swamps, swept drainage, and installed plumbing and sprayed pesticides by the ton
*The canals engineering changed, it would create a Gatun Lake and would raise ships from the Atlantic side to level with the lake
*100,000,000 cubic yards of dirt and rock were removed
*In 1905 yellow fever had been wiped out then one year later Roosevelt came to see the construction in Panama Who Worked on the Panama Canal *The laborers were from the United States, Panama, Colombia, West Indies, Europe, and Asia
*They made 10 cents an hour
* Moved 200 trainloads of dirt a day
* They built concrete walls 8 inches wide, 12 feet high, and 133 miles long.
*Built railroad tunnels to channel the water from Gatun Lake *The Panama people liked the United States coming in
*United States brought in their Navy so Colombia would not mess with Panama
* The United States helped Panama gain their 2nd and last independence from Colombia
*There was a minor war;most of the gun shot fired where to celebrate Panama's Independence What the Panamanians Thought of the United States Resources *www.smplanet.com/teaching/imperialism/
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