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ICT Questions

By Abi ,Kiana and Nathan

Cwrt Sart

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of ICT Questions

Internet Safety
How can you tell if a website is safe?
Backing up and Viruses.
Backing up your files on the computer/laptop is so that you can keep them safe .
There are many ways of backing up your files

Name 3
On the website it would say HTTP://
yet on an unsafe website there is no 'http' just 'www'
What is the difference between a formal letter and an in formal letter.
A informal letter is when you are addressing someone like a friend or a family member . So if you wanted to use slang it would be okay.

A Formal letter is when you are addressing someone who is important like a business man.

Cyber Bullying is when someone or a group of people are teasing or insulting someone over the internet and even of social networks such as Facebook , Twitter , MySpace and many others.

ICT Questions
Make a copy of the file and give it a different name.
Save your work on the cloud.
You could also save your work on USB or Floppy disc.
Formal and Informal.
By Abi and Kiana.
Future Technology
Can anyone name 5 future Technology?
Here's a few...
IPhone 6
Fridge that tells you what is in it.
Cyber Bullying
Does anyone remember how to prevent cyber bulling?
and that's the end.

and Nathan
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