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Drink the west 1.3

No description

Prezibase Designs

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of Drink the west 1.3

Date of Incorporation:
Date of Opening:
Date of 1st Distribution:
Date of 1st Brew in New Facility
Initial Business Concepts
Sheridan And Downtown Specifically
Wanted to Remain in
It Had To Be Fun!!
If Successful Could It Become
Thank You
1) Regional Brewing Company With A Tasting Room
-"Clarity of Offering"
2) Establish Short Term Goals
3) Establish Long Term Goals
4) Financing
2011 - 2015
Production Totals:
2011: 960 Barrels 29,760 Gallons
2012: 1,320 Barrels 40,920 Gallons
2013: 2,150 Barrels 66,650 Gallons
2014: 2,450 Barrels 75,950 Gallons
-Taproom Only
-Two Distributors
-Two Distributors
-One Distributor
2015: 6,500 Barrels 201,500 Gallons -Ten Distributors
New Physical Plant 2015
Needed To Have A "Beer Label" And Our Own Identity
Projected Growth For 2016-2018
10,000 Barrels 310,000 Gallons 3 States
15,000 Barrels 465,000 Gallons 5 States
20,000 Barrels 620,000 Gallons 7 States
Thank You
Why Cans?
Quality Of Product
Wider Availability
Ability To Purchase From Another Wyoming Employer
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