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Language and literature for Foundations Students

No description

Stephen Pihlaja

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Language and literature for Foundations Students

BA (hons) in Language and Literature
Creative Writing
What is English language and literature?
Do you enjoy reading and analysing novels, stories and poetry?
Do you enjoy writing and experimenting with different forms of language?
Are you interested in finding out more about the historical and cultural contexts for your favourite literary texts?
Have you ever wondered how language works, how we learn languages, or how languages change over time?
Is English for me?
The creative and analytical skills developed during an English degree will equip you for the changing demands of the 21st-century workplace.
TV, film, radio and print - producers, reporters, journalists, editors, researchers
Advertising, marketing & PR - copywriters, creatives, account executives, internal and external communications personnel
Teaching and research
Translation and interpreting
Government service - civil service, diplomacy, embassy work
Politics, think tanks, NGOs
International businesses and corporations
Management, HR, recruitment and consultancy
Arts or heritage administration and management
Why English?
60 credits of language and linguistics modules
60 credits of literature and drama modules
(20 of the above credits must be a dissertation in either language or literature)
Language and Context
The Influence of English
The Survey of English Literature and Drama
Studying Modern Literature
Academic Communities
Free elective option
BA in English Language and Literature
The Twentieth Century
Innovation and Tradition
World Literatures in English, The New Twentieth Century, English Through Time, or free elective (choose 2)
1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year
EITHER two optional literature modules and one optional language module
OR two optional language modules and one optional literature module
Advanced Writing Practice
Creative Writing Dissertation
Language and Context
The Influence of English
The Survey of English Literature and Drama
Studying Modern Literature
Academic Communities
Beginning Creative Writing
BA in English with Creative Writing
1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year
Stylistics OR Discourse
English Through Time
Innovation and TraditionWorld Literatures in English OR The Twentieth Century Prose and Poetry Writing Performance Writing
Stephen Pihlaja
Kirsten Harris
The study and practice of creating stories, poems, and other forms of artistic writing.
The study of language and language use and how language affects social interaction.
The study of novels, poems, and creative written work.
The BA in English Language and Literature:
considers the uses of English in context, and the themes, principles, techniques, values and significance of literary works in their contexts.
equips you with analytical and critical skills, combined with a thorough understanding of cultural, literary and linguistic theory.
helps you develop your own communicative ability in English (both oral and written) at the highest level for international interactions, whether academic or professional.
Is English for me?
Language and Literature
Creative Writing
Derek Irwin
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