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No description

Romina Chetraru

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of Portfolio.

a storm of minimalist ideas.
Video .
Watch me.

This is the first video I have ever created when
for the first time
I visited Prague.

The video is far way from being perfect but I'm motivated to work hard to improve my skills.
Prague never lets you go.
Strasbourg, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
March 2015
Teleportation of the soul.
Albenga, Italy July 2015
National Leprechaun Museum, Dublin, Ireland March 2014
Strasbourg, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art March 2014

The Path of The Sun.

Republic of Moldova August 2012
Městská knihovna v Praze. February 2014
Being unknown.
Turin, January 2013
Albenga, Italy July 2015
Time travel.
Turin, September 2013
Closeup revival.
Turin, Italy June 2013
Catch the sun.
Chișinău, Republic of Moldova August 2012
Republic of Moldova, August 2015
Emitting warmness.
Soare's home. Turin October 2014
Why Soare and What does it mean?

My nickname is Soare [ romanian ] which means Sun.

My intention was to create a watermark for my photographs linked with my personality and nickname.
Soare's Home. Turin, December 2013
Absorb the Spectrum.
National Museum of Cinema, Turin November 2013
comfort zone.
Teatro Baretti, Turin May 2014


Charles Bukowski.
Albenga, Italy July 2015
Soare's Home, Turin April 2013
Looking for the Self.
Flower mask.
Chișinău, Republic of Moldova August 2014
Looking for the wings in the bones.
Breathing with the sea.
Soare's Home, Turin April 2015
Puzzling Truth.
Soare's Home, Turin February 2014
More awesome works of art to come.
If given a chance to study at IAAD -
my humble goal is to fill my future portfolio not only with photographs but with mind blowing graphic creations and projects as well.
Romina Chetraru

September 2015

Turin, Italy

Soare's Home Turin June 2015
infinity within me.
Turin 2013
Turin 2013
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